Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonderful Sunny Day.

Indian Art.

It is a wonderful sunny day today, if a trifle cold certainly got colder last night, even then I did not need the duvet.

As it was too hot and sticky, for some reason it was enough having 3 thin fleece blankets on me.

Today I think that I had better take some antibiotics for a bladder infection as Richie says my urine looks cloudy, looks like I need to take them tonight.

Going to get this sorted asap as I do not want a flown blown bladder infection in my life, explains the swings in body temperature yesterday and today.

This afternoon I have felt cold all the time, Richie is quite the opposite and the weather has been bright and sunny all day, so think it is just me and my infection.

If I do not take the antibiotics quickly, the catheter gets blocked and can pop out and also when Richie takes my leggings off, which is a pain.

This situation is so delicate, I am constantly expecting something to happen, and something not pleasant, as soon as a nice little plateau has been reached something else happens to change things

Today I have been involved all day with emails from my internet provider Online who claims that I did not pay March or is it April and who sent me an overview of supposedly my payments which bore no resemblance to my payments at all.

Problem is they do not seem to be checking my payments, just seem to have their script that says I owe them one or two months and they are ignoring my proof that I have paid..

If it were really so that I have owed them from March, then surely they would have cut me off by now, bloody hell most of the afternoon has been spent ringing my bank and answering Online’s many mails.

As it stands it looks like I will have to pay them 29, 50 Euros that I do not owe them, hate this situation but there is no real communication with them, in order to reach a conclusion.

I keep getting the same answer, feel they have consisently blanked my side of the story all day and

Going to leave it now and finish this get pictures and post and try and relax and enjoy this evening.


Rain said...

Morons at the internet company!!! If you have proof of payment, that should be enough. I applaud you Herrad, I would have gone loose on anyone who wasn't listening to me and probably changed providers, I really cannot handle customer service people who read the script and don't listen!
Hope the infection goes away soon!

Kris said...

Hi Herrad! While my blog is still going strong, I started up a new one that will be solely based on my adventures in recently becoming a vegetarian, and flirting with a vegan diet. Please stop by when you can. I just started it, so stay tuned for more!!!

S.S-O said...

Finally some real (not virtual) sun for u :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,
hope you are all fine tonight. Currently a bit lost of words, allow me to thank you much for providing again strength and hope.
Many getting well wishes and a beautiful Tuesday for you all.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for coming by, and for your comment, I was livid but can do little cept fume nearly relaxed now 6 hours later.

Hi Kris,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Went straight to your new blog and decide to become a follower.
Your new blog looks good looking forward to reading and seeing more soon.

Hi S.S-O,
The sun looked good, still cool.
Thanks for coming by and commenting.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for coming by and leaving your fine comment.
Beautiful Tuesday to you too.

Thanks everyone for coming by and commenting, means alot to read them..
Going to ring the bank tomorrow and ask for their help. perhaps they can confirm the payments.
Then I have to pay and hope that it will come right eventually.
But I am cross grrrrrrrr how dare they......
Oh well we shall see there must be another way perhaps my buurvrouw Willes.
.Have a good day tomorrow.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Have a good day after all. You are a strong woman! You are smart to try to get ahead of the infection. Hope you feel better and win out over evil! Love, Mary

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Herrad:)

I was thrilled to see some Indian art in your blog.

I am sorry about the various problems you are going through and maintaining cool composure and facing things bravely as they come.

Perhaps Richie can talk to the internet provider since most of these call are free and sort out the problem.

My prayers and best wishes Herrad:)

Webster said...

I get really unhappy with poor customer service. With out last ISP, DH was upset when they couldn't answer some simple questions after hours. With that, we changed ISPs. We're on a cable system which has just three ISP options. I pay my bill automatically, so have no overdue issues with them. With my memory, this is a good thing. I hope you get your situation all straightened out. And I hope that your bladder infection clears up quickly.

Have Myelin? said...

Oh I hate dealing with "problem children". GRRRR.

It is warm here but very very windy. I think I will be blown to the next state soon! =)

I am betting we get more snow soon though.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your kind words and visit.
Think the antibiotics are having an effect and the infection did not stand a chance.

Hi Joseph,
The Indian art is beautiful, was hoping you would like it.
The internet provider is still being very difficult and will not accept that I have paid, despite sending proof of payment.

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your comment and visit, sadly not so easy to up sticks and get another ISP here, as you have a contract for a year and can not get away in between.

Hi Sherry
Thanks for coming by, nice to see your comment,
Hope the weather got better and you did not get blown away.

Thanks to you 4 dear friends for coming by, really appreciate your visits and comments.
Have a good weekend.

Herrad said...
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