Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gorgeous Sunny Day.

Tibetan Art.

Very sunny weather today which has been extraordinarily lovely to sit here in bed with the window open.

Gorgeous day, made even better by the fact that due to the volcanic dust from the erupting volcano in Island, there were no planes flying over every few minutes, sometimes it feels like seconds.

Often it can be oppressive for example at the start and the end of the summer holiday, we sometimes get woken up very early by people walking by pulling their suitcases behind them.

Quite amazing no planes today, heard on the BBC radio from someone ringing in from near Heathrow Airport.

He wanted to share his pleasure today, that he could sit in his garden for a change and enjoy it, without planes taking off over his house all day until late at night.

Lovely peaceful day here with the street sounds gently filtering through the open window, which I have enjoyed.

Still having problems with my Internet Provider Online who just will not accept that I have indeed paid.

Have sent mails to a couple of TV and radio show consumer programs asking for their assistance.

When I contacted my bank they said that if I copied and pasted the info from my account the problem would be solved.

But it is not and everyday this week I have been involved with this seemingly never ending saga.

Online keep talking about arrears in March and will not accept that I have indeed paid.

I have sent a message via my online bank account to my bank, asking them to send me official proof of payment.

Hope that this works and this problem is sorted out very soon so that I can concentrate on enjoying my life again without this sort of unnecessary stress.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Two co workers had their flights to overseas cancelled, but you got to enjoy such a beautiful day. I am glad there was a silver lining for you. Have a great rest of week enjoying the peace and quiet.Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,
hope you are fine. Agree with you that there's nothing like the sound of silence. Rush hour starts over here at about five in the morning and until eight in the evening, there's nearly not a minute without a car, bus or taxi passing by.
Wishing you much strength with regard to the struggle with the company, yet am sure, everything will end well.
Please have you all a nice Friday.

Peace Be With You said...

Herrad, I loved your images. I must have been Tibetan in another lifetime. So glad too that you got a little respite from planes flying overhead all the time. Be well. Judy

Webster said...

I live under a flight path to an Air Force/Army Base. The noise is worse in Winter because of the cloud cover; it reflects the noise back down to the ground. Yet in the Summer, I sit outside, so they seem louder. It's been a bit of a pain in the ass during this past decade (almost) of war.

I'm glad you had a quiet, sunny day!
Oh, and when this gets straightened out with Online, you need to cut them loose and get another ISP.

~Erin~ said...

Such unnecessary stress!! Can you switch internet providers?

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Rain said...

It's funny, I haven't thought about air traffic in years since I've been living in the country! I don't think I've heard a plane overhead since....2001 maybe? I don't take that for granted!!!

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for coming by , its quite amazing how lovely and peaceful it is here with no planes flying overhead constantly.
It is great really is.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit and comment, you are right about the sound of silence.
Athens must be total pandemonium every day.
Passed through there twice visiting a friend near Volos.
Found Athens wonderful but incredibly busy.

Hi Judy,
Lovely to see your comment, thanks also for your visit.
It is great no planes every couple of minutes.

Hi Webster,
How horrible for you all the extra planes due to the wars.
Here it has been peaceful all week and there is no sign of the volcano stopping.
The same volcano erupted for two years 200 years ago.

Hi Erin,
How nice to see a comment from you.
Hope you are doing well.
Sadly can't change ISP's til next January

Hi Rain,
Lovely seeing your comment, you are lucky not being bothered by air traffic.
Horrible here as we are on the flight path to Schipol.

Thanks you lovely friends for coming by
Can't switch providers as I have a contract for a year that gives me a window of opportunity to get out in January each year.
Think next time we are going to use someone else, only problem the speed and bands width is better than the rest.
Have a good weekend.