Friday, April 23, 2010

Hell Of A Night.

Californian Art.

Had quite a day yesterday, in the late afternoon at 4.30 pm Ruud from Summit came by to adjust my back support on the wheelchair to give me the maximum support.

My Occupational Therapist came too, her task was to make sure that everything went well and my consultant from ARCA was also there.

It was a very good meeting, got heaps done, Ruud adjusted a couple of things on the chair and took some bits off which were sticking into my armpits.

Really tired after the appointment which was from 4.30 to 6.30, it was a very long session but good, felt happy afterward.

I have until the second week in May to ride around and make sure there are no other issues and when I can also sit for 4 hours with no problems, and then Ruud will cover the seat and backrest.

He impressed me by asking which colour I liked and when I said red, he said he that was possible and he will bring samples to the next meeting.

So my chair will be black and red my favourite colours brilliant and coincidentally Trinidad colours too.

Quite a surprise finding out that my favourite colours were also the colours of the beautiful island where I was born.

After the meeting Richie cooked us both a great dinner, lovely comfort food after a long and tiring meeting.

It was a pleasant evening, for the first time in ages we sipped tea together and then we eventually went to sleep.

Despite it being late we both got off to sleep with no problem, until I was cruelly woken up at 5 am feeling hot and sweaty, thought the temperature had risen.

Hoped all Richie would have to do was replace the duvet with three fleece blankets, sadly it was not the change in temperature that was giving me problems.

When Richie started to move the duvet we both realised that my catheter had leaked and I was lying in a pool of urine.

So Richie had to get me out of bed at 5.30 am and into the bathroom for a shower, it was a horrible shock for both of us.

Richie was as always a star, like me he was soundly asleep one minute and the next he was awake.

It was a nasty shock being woken up like we were, rotten to be ripped out of deep sleep, to find myself roasting hot and the next wet and cold.

Richie was brilliant and coped very well, even when the catheter popped out, he popped it back in quickly and a great quantity of urine poured out of it.

It was a great relief and made me feel instantly 100 times better.

No wonder I had felt so bad when I woke up, it explained why I had been panting and feeling such pressure on my lower abdomen
Richie was very good, he made sure that the bathroom was warm and got me undressed and showered and dressed again in an hour.

Then he got a clean sheet and popped me back into bed and got me some THC and we both went back to sleep again at 6.30am.

All was well again.

After I post this I will visit Steve at The Wheel of Fortuna again and see how they are doing.

When I visited earlier I read Steve’s post called The Final Phase seems that BobRobert is experiencing "terminal delirium’’.

Please everyone visit The Wheel of Fortuna and leave supportive comments.


Cranky said...

Herrad - Richie and you have such a wonderful relationship and he is clearly a wonderful caregiver. So great to be able to resolve an ugly problem so quickly.

Be well.

Love, Cranky

Webster said...

Damn Herrad, You seem to have bad luck with your catheter. I'm glad that Richie is so adept at taking care of these sudden situations. Have you ever considered getting a suprapubic cath. put it?

I'm so sorry about Bobrobert. I know you knew Steve and him pretty well.

Be Well.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Thanks for your visit, godo to see your comment.
Richie is very good and had the cathether back in very quicly and before I knew it.

Hi Webster,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
I have considered a suprapubic catheter but not right now.
Whenever the catheter gets blocked pressure can build up then accidents can happen.

Thanks both of you dear friends for coming by.
Very sad about BobRobert, Steve will need all teh support we can give in the weeks to come.
Have a good weekend.