Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sunshine and Brainwaves.

Gareth's Photos From Wales.

Another spring day of changeable weather one minute it is sunny the next the wind is back up and whipping down the road in fine mid winter style.

Have been quite busy this afternoon, had two appointments one with the woman from a software company called HESERVIS which has Brain Fingers and other gadgets for handicapped people.

My other appointment is with Mathilde, my physiotherapist

Seems that Brain Fingers is not as clever as I had thought it was on the site and on the site of the parent company in the US, where I read that it is directed by brainwaves.

The woman from the company gave me the idea that it was much simpler software that meant you could control the mouse with either your eye brow or your eyes or brain waves.

She had a laptop and she tried to show me how it worked and I now think it is a slightly more sophisticated version of the Head Mouse which controls the mouse with a tiny reflective sticker on forehead or glasses.

It does not seem to be able to interpret brain signals and translate thoughts into text which is a big shame.

Wonder where I got that idea from must be the name it does seem to suggest more to me than only moving the mouse.

Still think it must do more, just can not imagine Steven Hawking using software where he has to point at every letter in turn in or for him to write a lengthy essay.

Obviously I need to find out more, sadly had no time to see what else the software could do as my second appointment arrived on time.

Think Ann will com back another time and show me more of what Brain Fingers can do, think I shall investigate my Dragon software to see what else you can do but record speech into text.

Also need to investigate the Head Mouse and learn how that works, so plenty to do before Ann comes back again.

Tomorrow I have my last business appointment with my ergotherapist, believe that is Occupational therapist in English.

We are going to discuss an omgevings besturing in Dutch; it is a small gadget with a touch screen.

Which helps to dial phone nrs and switch on the radio or TV and it can also open doors and curtains.

We are also going to discuss the bed, seems there are two things that would help me enormously.

One is being able to raise the knees which would mean that my posture and position in bed would be better.

Heard from Mathilde that it is possible to get a bed which goes up at the head end and swivels back so with the knees up it helps you to sit well.

This would be a great innovation in my life, it would greatly benefit both myself and Richie, we shall see whether Johanneke says is possible tomorrow.

Well it is 17.40 and the sun has finally come out, it is an exceptionally cold day, with a bitter wind and until now only a rumour of sun in Belgium not here.

Now it is nearly 19 pm and the sun is stll shining now and everything looks much better which instantly makes everything much better.


Rain said...

Hey Herrad! Oh that sucks about the Brainfingers...I hope you can find some better technology. You've had a busy day! Glad the sun is finally out, not so here, very foggy and ....guess what? WINDY. LOL...

Anonymous said...

Sending you "waves of light" to make bright your all Friday.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thanks for the updates.Best wishes on finding assistive technology that works for you. You can get fast with eye/forehead/sip&puff switches. I knew a woman who used a forehead switch (up/down) and had a lot of phrases programmed and spelled out other words.Have a great weekend. Spring weather again here. Love,Mary

Stephany said...

Sending you some hugs

Webster said...

Hi Herrad, Hope you find the right piece of technology to help you. Getting a new bed that helps you sit properly would be fantastic! Hope that happens too. Had a pretty good day here today, but a storm is on the way for tomorrow, or so says the weatherman.

Amrita said...

Wow Gareth lives in a very beautiful place

*Ellen* said...

Dear Herrad,
Sorry to read about the brainswitch stuff not going as you expected.
I've seen a computer game once (a year ago) that DID work on brainwaves.
I think you just had a little strip around a finger, but all the movement on the screen was done by your own brainwaves.
It could also be educational to practise to direct your brainwaves.
I'll do some research and come back to you with a link.
I'll contact you via Facebook.
Have a peaceful evening my dear.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain
Thanks for your visit and comment.
I will be seeing Ann again hope that I can see more then.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit and sweet comment.

Hi Mary,
Good to see you comment, thanks for coming by.
I am sure that I will find some assistive software.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your comment and visit.
Big hug to you.

Hi Webster
Lovely to see you comment, thanks for your visit.
Sure to find the software that I need.
Hope the storm blew over.

Hi Amrita,
Glad to see your comment, thanks for your visit.
You are correct where Gareth lives is beautiful.

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for your visit and comment.Thanks also for looking for other options

Thanks all you nice people for coming by, it gave me a huge boost seeing your comments.
Have a good weekend.