Thursday, June 03, 2010

We Are All Part Of The Rich Tapestry Of Life.

Flemish Art.

Just been sitting today for two hours, taking it very easy and slowly this time so as not to stress the skin.

Ton Peeks, from the RCA was very pleased when he came by to check all was going well with my skin yesterday.

He agreed with me, when I said that I planned to take it very easy and not suddenly sit for 4 hours and more right away like I had done the last time.

When Steve was here on May 13, I forgot that I was taking it easy with sitting, should have had Richie put me back in to bed when Steve left at 7 pm.

Instead I was having such a good time in the front room with Richie and the dogs that I stayed to listen to The Archers (radio program) at 8 pm and then ate dinner with my darling Richie.

By the time I did go to bed it was gone 9 pm so I had sat for just over 7 hours, luckily there was no sign of redness on the skin or on the next day Friday or on Saturday.

And then the shock of the skin being damaged by the catheter on the Sunday was big, felt like I had been given something with one hand and had it taken back with the other hand.

Really felt like sobbing then as it felt so mean to be back in bed yet again, having to go back to bed in January really got me down.

Did not realise how depressed I was until April when I noticed the effects of compensating with too much chocolate, deserts and large portions of dinner.

Richie reckoned it was typical of me that once I did notice I took action and stopped over eating.

Not easy to make such a dramatic change but then again why not especially after MS has altered my life so dramatically.

Today is a day of ups and downs, a good friend has arrived, he will stay here while he looks for a job in Amsterdam hope he finds something in this time of recession.

Really nice to see Nur again, was 5 years ago when we last saw him at our last apartment, we were once colleagues at Euronet, an internet company in 2000.

Sad news yesterday heard that a good friend of ours, Keith in Liverpool, had a major stroke last month.

His partner got in touch and wrote that we must not be sad as yesterday was a positive day for him as he started to speak again for the first time in a month and got out of bed too.

Glad he is starting to make a good recovery, shame that it was this sad news that brought us in touch with his lovely partner.

But she is right it is good news hope it gets better and better and that he will be back at University teaching class soon.

Now I have posted I feel better, felt sad and cried earlier, guess I needed to cry and release the tension that had built up, after all I am only human.

Despite the ups and many downs I am glad to be here, like Jane @ A Journey Of Another Kind I also feel like I have been given precious extra time.

Crying, laughing, sadness and happiness as well as pleasure are all part of the rich tapestry of life.

Hope to embroider some more of my own tapestry this summer.


S.S-O said...

it's okay to have those days when u just have a good cry. u're only human

Gareth said...

watcha Folks, so happy to see your able to sit again, Keep on weaving that magic, joy and LOVE, Have a pleasent weekend hope the sunshines.

LOve and HUgs GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi S.S-O,
You are right sometimes its good to let the tears flow.

Hi Gareth,
Lovely seeing your comment, hope you are having a pleasant time.

Thanks both of you for coming by nice to see your comments.