Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hottest Day This Summer.

Rural Art.

A very warm day today on the radio, I heard them say that it is the hottest day of this summer, it certainly feels true today.

After my shower Richie put a short sleeved t-shirt on me, so I could cope better with the heat, which seems to have worked.

We are both trying to relax today; tomorrow we have to get in touch with our regular vet, as well as the orthopaedic vet.

The MRI showed that the spine was ok; it did show that two disks were damaged but did not give any clues as to why Spike is dragging one leg.

The search for answers will proceed this week; hopefully the investigations are not as horrible for our wee doggie as Thursday's MRI was.

Spike took 5 worrying minutes to start breathing independently again after the MRI and a couple of hours until he could walk again.

Recovering from the anaesthetic has taken him days, he only seems more or less recovered today.

We have noticed a few worrying things since Thursday, Spike suddenly does not seem to hear us, even when I offer him a biscuit or a treat.

Until Thursday he always barked with delight when he heard the two words biscuit or treats or tripe for dinner.

He always barked when Richie left and came back or when a dog barked outside or someone walked past our front door or he saw a dog walking by.

When Marleen barks to sound the alarm, Spike always barks back and runs to her to see what is happening, to find out where the action is.

Since Thursday he has done none of those things, he only barked once when Richie provoked him to do so earlier.

Was a relief to hear his voice as it has been quiet without Spike's bark; we are also concerned about him.

Hope that there are answers for our questions and our lovely little Spike can be restored to his former glory.

Staying optimistic and hoping for the best.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

I hope Spike hasn't had a hearing loss from the MRI --was the machine loud? I was inside the room with earplugs helping my daughter hold her legs still to deal with her MRI of her brain 2 times. The noise is very loud, which you probably know, it just made me wonder if it's the same in a vet/animal MRI?

Hopefully his hearing is just a temporary loss.

But, he is safe and sound and happy at home now, and I bet still loves the biscuit! :)

Have a nice evening!


Muffie said...

I agree with Stephany -- my own MRIs have been unbelievably loud. So maybe that caused poor Spike a temporary hearing impairment. I hope the vets give you good news. We need our little furbabies!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for reminding me of the noise of the MRI.
It took me a couple days to get over the experience.
The noise will have been the same plus he was knocked out.

Hi Muff,
I think you and Stephany are right the MRI temporarily disturbed his hearing plus recovering from being knocked out.

Thanks both of you for reminding me about the noise.
He is hearing more now which is a relief for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad

I too am sorry to hear about your poor pup and his hearing. Hope it is as others have said, just a temporary loss due to the MRI.

My family dog had a slipped disc must be over 10 years ago now that had her back legs completely paralysed and she is almost 16 now, deaf as a post and perhaps has a little dementia but she runs about better than most puppies. Of course it cost us to give her an operation but the time we have with her has been well worth it.

Good luck and hope your dog is back to his usual self soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Good morning Herrad, hopefully you are fine. Somehow glad that you already had that "hottest day", as we are still looking forward to it. Kid is waking up often and many times more than three hours of sleep for me aren't possible. Wishing Spike a speedy recovery and you all a nice start into the new week.

Herrad said...

Hi Hayley,
Thanks for telling me about your dog, gives me hope we can get Spike's disc problems sorted out.
His hearing is coming back now plus he got interested in food again and barking which is great.
Thanks for coming by.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit and kind wishes.
Hope you get more sleep and a good start to the week.

Webster said...

Have nothing to add except hope Spike gets good answers from the vet/s, and returns to his old self soon.

And I'm glad you are keeping comfortable when it gets warm. I'm still waiting for it to get warm.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
We hope the vets can help us.
Hope it gets warm for you soon.