Monday, June 21, 2010

Upside Down Day.

Sunny day today until the clouds drift by but more sunny than not which is pleasant, and surprising as today Wimbledon starts.

That is usually the signal for the weather to turn nasty and there is often two weeks of rain until the last tennis match.

It is all upside down abit like our day which started very quickly this morning when my darling noticed that, my catheter, bag was empty.

He flipped back my blanket and said there was a pool of urine in the bed so we would have to go to the bathroom right away.

The catheter had come out after yet another bladder spasm, plus I needed to go to the toilet, so there was huge pressure on my guts.

Richie took me swiftly to the shower, where the catheter was quickly popped back in and Richie soon had me showered and put into clean clothes.

Which was great, after a bit of lunch and a drink and carefully adjusting me in bed Richie took Spike off to see the orthopaedic vet for the final all clear after the knee operation.

Richie came back very sad, seems Spike’s knees are fine but the vet was not happy with how Spike was walking.

He thinks there is a problem with his spine so he needs to go for an MRI, the only place with one for animals is in Dordrecht which is one hour and a half hours away by train.

If only we knew someone with a car and then we need to organise someone to be here within me while Richie is gone.

Not going to be easy and especially now as people start going off on holiday, most Dutch workers have at least 3 weeks holiday some even have 4 weeks.

Well going to hope for the bed and who know it will happen too.


Libby said...

awww, poor spike...& you & richie too! i hope you can get this figured out easily!

mortonlake said...

hope you can get things sorted ok herrad,take mort xx

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

((HUGS)) to you, Richie and Spike, what a stressful news to receive.

Hope you're having a good Tuesday.

Have Myelin? said...

Awww....but it is wonderful to know that you two care about Spike like that. Some people don't!

By the way I saw your picture on Richie's blog. You look sooooo beautiful! =) Love your red hair!

Mine is red now too. Woohoo for redheads!

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
Thanks for your kind comment, hope the mri helps the vet.

Hi Mort,
Thanks, think we have things well organised.

Hi Stephany,s
Tuesday was good despite the stress.

Hi Sherry
We promised Spike a good life when we rehomed him.
Thanks for your kind comment.

Thanks for your visits and comments, really appreciate them very much.