Friday, June 18, 2010

Today It Is Cool, Grey and Raining

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Today is rotten weather compared to yesterday, there is no sun, it is cooler, grey, cloudy and raining.

Glad I went out yesterday afternoon/evening with Richie, Nur and the dogs, we did not go far just to the end of the road to the Kostverlorenkade

Sadly by the time we went the wind was getting up and it was quite cold, luckily Richie had wrapped me up in the fleece snuggle and tied a scarf around my neck.

So that helped a little but the wind was just too cold, a really sharp wind glad we were not any further from the apartment.

The other thing that I noticed again was how difficult it is for me to roll around outside without arm rests at the correct height.

Arm support would mean that I do not have to take all the strain of holding my arms up as we go down the road.

Lack of arm support means that at the moment I can not go further than our street as any longer and my arms and shoulders get exceptionally painful.

Hope that this time for once the burocratic process will prove to be quicker personally I do not believe it will be.

If it were really quicker then life would be easier and everything would go smoother without all the burocracy that is involved every time a disabled person applies for assistance,

Up to now most of what I have applied for has got to me too late, like the scoot mobile which I got when I could no longer manage to walk down my steps in 2006.

Or the hand holds that I waited to have installed for months making the best of grabbing on to doors and walls and anything that could give me support.

Not having the hand holds right away made getting around became quite a dangerous procedure and showering even more so
Just thinking nostaligically back to when I could still drag myself around, how I had hoped that my MS would allow me to retain some vestige of mobility for some time.

Being in a wheelchair was not so bad when I could still be reasonably independent, guess that these days more than a quick peek at how things were is not good for me.

Really aware that this disease means that everything can go faster than you think so rather than spend time looking back I want to spend that time being here and concentrating on the present.



ρομπερτ said...

Sending you lots of the sunshine around here, warmth as well, as it was above 40C in the sun during midday. If it would be possible, please send some of the rain. A great start into the weekend for you all.

Webster said...

Herrad, Even cold weather (in short bursts) makes you feel alive! The fresh biting wind makes your cheeks blush with excitement. Can't stand too much of it though, or those mm. spasms may start up. Don't we know it?. I'm happy you got out, even for such a short stroll.

Will a small pillow or folded towel under your forearm help give you the support you need until the proper fix can be made? Experiment! Bureaucracies made me crazy wild! You told them it wasn't right, but it was their job to get it right in the first place. I've gotta calm down - this is making me mad for you; but better me than you, hear me?

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the sunshine.
Above 40c sounds like boiling hot to me.
Must be difficult for you to work in that heat.

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your lovely comment and advice, Richie has strapped a couple love cushions onto the arm rests to try and give me some support.
It is better than nothing.
Bureaucracies drive me nuts too.
Thanks for getting mad for me.

Thanks both of you for your visit and support,.