Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enjoying The Day.

Maurice Uitrillo (son of Suzanne Valadon)

Woken up by the heat in the early hours luckily did not have to wake Richie for THC as right then he got up to go to the toilet.

Once I inhaled the vapour I could sleep again, so glad that I use a vaporiser, so much better for me to vaporise rather than smoke.

Feel so much better since I stopped smoking weed, also still pleased I stopped smoking tobacco.

It was only since I stopped using tobacco that I fully realised how addictive tobacco is, and how much I like many smokers were in denial about this fact.

As a smoker I did not like the idea, did not want to see myself as addicted to tobacco.

I did not need to seek out a dealer; just went to any newsagent, tobacco shop, pub, café, supermarket3 or petrol station and buy tobacco.

Remember not liking the idea of being an addict when I was a smoker, wanted to feel in control, but I was not, until I stopped cold in 1999.

My other attempts had not been successful; guess that when I tried previously l had not been convinced that I could succeed.

In 1999 I had no such doubts about myself, knew that I was serious and was giving up because I wanted to.

Many people have been impresses and asked whether I had read the Alan Carr book which I had not.

I did not need a self help book as I ‘wrote’ my own self help book, a living book, am sure self help books can be useful, just never found one that impressed me.

Tend to find them to be pure common sense and nothing magical or even out of the ordinary as is often implied.

Remember a previously unpleasant Member of Parliament Ann Widdicombe being asked if she would write a diet book after her huge weight loss.

No she said as it would be too short, it would just say:

‘’ Eat less and do more ’’

Brilliant never thought I could ever agree with Ann Widdicombe but on that occasion I did and had a good laugh too.

It is very warm today, am typing with my left hand as my right hand is not doing well in the heat#.

My right hand has folded up and can not be straightened to type well or operate the mouse so will stop here and find pictures and post and enjoy the day.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great post as usual.I think of your blog as a self help book. Try to cool off and keep cool. Love, Mary

Webster said...

That's how my Mom gave up smoking. Cold Turkey we call it. And she always kept a pack around that she knew she could smoke if she had to, but never did. And living with a husband and son in the house who smoked, too. It was a habit I never tried. Pot was a different story :-).

I know it's nice that your Summer has finally arrived, but do try to keep cool.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your kind comment, I am trying to keep cool.

Hi Webster,
Good for you that you never smoked tobacco.
Have been trying to keep cool.

Thanks both of you for coming by and cleaving your cnice comments.