Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Cool Day.

Georges Lemmen.

Had a disturbed night last night, it rained all night and the orange flags hung up for the World Cup flapped noisily all night in the high winds.

Richie got me some THC at 3.30 when I was woke, this helped me fall asleep again and I slept until 8.30 when the cold woke me up.

As soon as Richie closed the window I managed to fall asleep again and slept again for another hour and a half.

Not bad another hour and a half especially without extra THC, once the temperature went up I had no problem sleeping.

Good not to be harassed by all the pain right away and managing to drift off again, I could have slept longer but I made myself wake up when I did.

Last night Richie made jerk chicken for Nur and me, he had jerk Tempe and we all feasted on baked sweet potatoes, rice and peas (black eye peas) coco (cornmeal and okra) and salad.

A delicious meal and after dinner we watched England v Algeria, while we had hoped that England would not do well and were rooting for Algeria, we were not prepared for them being as bad as they were.

It was a nothing performance from players who are better, than they seemed last night, maybe it is good this happened.

England like to think they are the best when they are in reality just average with a few very good players, hope that last night helps them to become better.

After all these moments can be helpful in indentifying what needs working on, they should be glad they have the chance to learn and adapt and grow.

Today it is noticeably cooler, we had the heating on at 10 am to warm up which was very welcome indeed funny heating on in June as tomorrow could be 30 degrees again.

Going to drink some freshly squeezed orange juice and eat a delicious Pakistani mango, the best mangos.

Then its off for a shower and a titivate and we will be ready to watch the Netherlands v and enjoy the day despite weather.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

What a delicious dinner! I also love the photos of you and the flowers in the other post.

Odd weather for us too this year. Finally had warm and sunshine Friday and now this morning here it is raining and dark!

It's the dark that is starting to bother me. Oh well!

I bought a basil plant yesterday and the dog chomped some leaves from it! had to move it to a table top in the pot, before he ripped it all apart. :)

HUGS to you and Richie and Spike and Marleen too.


Stephany said...


Hi Herrad, I was given an award that I want to pass directly on to you!

Here's where the award is

"You are a Beautiful Blogger Award"

"A Beautiful Blogger is someone who blogs with truth, honesty and integrity. They blog from their heart, sharing their story, humor, and life with others. They go out of their way to support others, giving of themselves to provide encouragement and brighten someone’s day. They glow with a beauty that comes from within, and it shows in what they write and how they interact with others."

Thanks for all your wise words and support Herrad!


Anonymous said...

Over here it is way too hot and one is hardly able to sleep. No rain in sight. Please excuse the few traces, but last nights where busy indeed, as Stefan woke up many times thirsty and it is me ever since he's home who takes care of him during the night. A wonderful start into the Sunday of yours.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
It was an excellent dinner, shame you were not here for it.
The weather has been quite cool, too much cold northerly wind.
Like you the early dark evenings got to me too.
We had some weed plants eaten by a Jackdaw, who ignored all the other plants.
Hope your Basil plant has recovered.
Thanks for the award.

Hi Robert,
Must dbe difficult for you when its too hoit to sleep.
Hope you get somed relief from tghe heat.

Thanks to you both for coming by,appreciate your visits and comments.