Monday, June 07, 2010

Here Comes The Sun.

Sun Art.

Another cool day today, hope it gets warmer soon so I can enjoy a roll around in balmy weather.

Mentioned yesterday that I was thinking that now the Foley catheter keeps coming out I will need a different one.

To do so I have to undergo a surgical procedure, to have a supra-pubic catheter put in which can be done as an out patients operation under local anaesthetic.

This is not an easy decision for me as I think that the least surgical interventions the better in my opinion, plastic surgeons will for sure not be getting rich on my money.

Feel that I have to take action now, as the Foley catheter keeps popping out, this is no problem if it pops out in the bathroom, because it gets moved as clothes are pulled off.

It is a problem when it happens when I am in bed, it is really not nice to wake up lying in a pool of urine.

Seems to happen when I have a huge spasm, most times the spasm has been because I need to go to the toilet urgently.

A couple of times it happened as a result of a huge leg spasm which turned out to be caused by toe nail problems.

Once the nails were trimmed and the in growing nail was removed my legs were calm again

Seems from a couple of responses that the supra-pubic catheter does not solve the problem of leakages or bladder problems.

Even heard awhile ago that a couple of people had more bladder infections with the pubic catheter, plus more blood clots in their urine.

One said that her friend had the supra-pubic put in because the regular Foley catheter was causing too many UTI's..

She warned me that there could be more stones and gunge with the supra-pubic catheter and I would need to regularly see a urologist to make certain that there is nothing wrong with me.

Apparently the gunge if it remains in your bladder can cause spasms, which does not sound like a nice prospect.

Suppose that the answer will be a regular course of antibiotics as the way to sort this out.

It is worrying as I do not have that many bladder infections now and was hoping for even less with the supra-pubic catheter not more.

And additional medical appointments are not my favourite things, would rather sit in the sun than in a hospital waiting room.

And another said that the SP Catheter will not prevent all the problems, as she still occasionally woke up in a wet bed caused she thought by spasms.

Think that I am going to research some more before I get myself booked in for the operation.

Right now I intend to enjoy the moment and am going to post this and listen to the radio and enjoy the fact that I can glimpse a hint of blue sky and sun.

After a gloomy cool dark day with rain showers the sun is coming out which is really a beautiful sight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad
Am sorry to read about your catheter problems. I hope the decision you make turns out to be the best one! As for the sun, I live in the UK and we had a lovely day here so I will do my best to send some of that your way. Hope you wake up to sunshine tomorrow. And again, thank you for posting the art. It always brings a smile to my face.


steve said...

An indwelling catheter of any kind is an invitation for bacteria to set up house in your bladder. With a SP catheter, the path is just a bit shorter from the outside to the inside, compared to a foley in the urethra.

People are living successfully with SP catheters for many years. Check out the CareCure SCI Care Forums. If you search for "suprapubic" you'll see lots of questions and lots of answers, including some from RNs.

The only time BR saw a urologist was when his bladder spasms were causing urine to leak out the urethra. Starting him on Enablex and switching to a coude tipped catheter solved the problem. UTIs were handled by the home care nurse, who also performed the catheter changes every three weeks.

Darlene said...

It may not be sunshining where you are but there is quite alot of sunshine in your soul. I say again you are one tough lady. Your positive attitude is the ray of sunshine touching all that know you. Smile =^..^= DAR

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad, hope you are fine and hopefully asleep right now, as it is nearly middle of the night. Thank you for reminding me of that song that I surely heard the last time two decades ago.
Have to admit that I don't know much about a catheter, yet am grateful to have been taught much about life once again. Please have you all a nice start into Tuesday.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Suprapubic catheters can be more convenient and not "underneath" everything. They can be flushed regularly and easy to change by the home health nurse and eventually Richie. I think your bottom would be drier even if there were still some incontinence.

JC said...

I only had mine in for 20 days or so. Can't even imagine what it's like to have it all the time. Hard decisions you have to make ...

Bibliotekaren said...


Sounds like a tough decision. Good luck in your research and figuring out what's right for your scenario.

To sunnier days ahead,

Herrad said...

Hi Hayley,
Sadly no sun, glad you like the art.
Thanks for coming by that put a smile on my face.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the info, had heard you get more infections with an sp catheter.
I will check out the link you sent, wonder if there is one for Foley users.
Richie looks after the catheter and we do regular urine tests and I take antibiotics if needed.
Shame the sp does not stop leakages.

Hi Darlene,
Thanks for your sweet comment, that made it feel very sunny here.

Hi Robert,
Glad you like the music its a good track.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the info need to hear as much as possible.

Hi JC,
Thanks for coming by and commenting.

Hi Donna,
It is a tough one will do more research.

Thanks everyone for coming by appreciate it very much.
I am going to research some more before making a decision.
Hoping the rain stops and summer comes back soon

steve said...

The only time the SP doesn't stop leaks is when it gets plugged up, causing the bladder to spasm when it starts to fill with urine. In BR's case, the end of the tube kept migrating to his bladder neck (where the urethra connects) and the balloon would block the flow of urine to the tube. A coude tip catheter is bent slightly at the end, so we were able to place it properly on insertion (pointing up), and the Enablex delayed the spasms long enough to allow the bladder to drain through the catheter. No leaks from that point on.