Monday, June 28, 2010

Glorious Summer Weather.

Modern Abstract Art.

What a relief to hear Spike barking again not too long after I posted yesterday, he seeems to be more himself.

Guess it took him a few days to recover from lthe anaesthetic and the noise of the MRI machine, lI forgot about the noise until reminded by a caouple of people.

Am grateful to Stephany @ Soulful Sepulcher

And Muff @ Kaleidoscope Muff

For reminding me that the MRI machine is extremely loud, it is as loud as putting your head in the speakers at a Metallica concert.

Forgot that it took me two or three days to recover from being tranquilised to have an MRI, the noise was horrendous despite headphones playing me classical music.

Also grateful for the comment that Hayley @ Multiple Sclerosis Affects Loved Ones Too!

Left where she says that her dog had a slipped disk which was repaired ten years ago and she is still moving well at the ripe old age of 16.

This gives us hope tlhat Spike’s problems can be solved, which would be really good, hate to see our Spike not being able to be himself.

Would be nice if people were to visit all three blogs as I am sure they all would appreciate your visits and comments.

Especially Hayley whose partner Tanja is in hospital after a nasty MS relapse as a result of having a cyst removed.

It is Tanja’s first big relapse since before early last year, it seems to have hit her very hard and Tanja is experiencing dreadful pain.

I hope the IV steroids she is now on help and she can go home to Hayley as soon as possible.

It is a stinky hot day here am going to finish this post now and find some pictures; and post this and enjoy this glorious summer day.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

YAY for Spike barking and being more himself, glad the hearing loss seems to be temporary. I know standing in the MRI room with ear plugs still left me like as you said, hearing loss from a loud concert.

Anyway, go over to Brass and Ivory--I've been enjoying reading about all of the MS bloggers when they met and Lisa has an incredible video up!

Have a nice evening!


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
It is lovely hearing him, and seeing him running around so happy today is great.
I will visit Lisa now, thanks for the tip and your visit and comment.

Bibliotekaren said...

It's hard enough for us adult humans going through medical procedures when we understand the why of it. But for animals and very small children, they can only wonder why.

Glad to hear that Spike is more himself. Hope that continues and you all enjoy the summer days.


Muffie said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Herrad, and Hoorah for Spike. Bark away, buddy!!

Herrad said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks for your kind comment, looks like Spike is improving all the time.
We have enjoyed the warm weather today.

Hi Muff,
Pleasure, it is really good to hear Spike barking again and see him enjoying playing.

Thanks both of you for coming by and leaving your kind comments, they are appreciated.