Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Memory of Nicole.

Vincent van Gogh.

Remembering Sherry’s daughter Nicole who died 2 years ago today.

Please visit Sherry and leave a supportive comment for her.

11.7.74 to 6.10.09

The Drive By Truckers.



Tracey's Life said...

Herrod how lovely and thoughtful of you. My thoughts and prayers are with Sherry today.

Herrad said...

Hi Tracey's Life,
Thanks for your visit, glad you like my post for Sherry's daughter Nicole.
I was abit worried whether it was ok.
Good to be reassured by you.

Tracey's Life said...

Hi Herrad, I exchanged some text messages with Sherry this morning. She is having a very bad day, but she is not alone. Alex and her son are with her. My heart aches for her.

Herrad said...

Hi Tracey's Life,
Thanks for letting me know Sherry is not alone.

Kelli said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gesture.

Herrad said...

Hi Kelli,
Thanks for coming by, it is important that we support each other.

Connie needs our support too,
hope she is ok.

Anonymous said...

As she was born less than two months before me, this entry for sure was able to leave without a breath or two.
Wordless, I shall leave and leave a message for her. Wishing you a nice start into the weekend though.

Have Myelin? said...

Thank you Herrad, you took my breath away. This was very sweet and uplifting for me. I really appreciated you remembering my daughter.

"Learning to Fly" was her favorite song. =) I will share your post on my blog. Thank you, Herrad.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for visiting and going over to visit Sherry, I am sure she will appreciate your visit very much.

Hi Sherry,
Glad you approve of my post, have been thinking about you alot.
Hope you are getting through these difficult days alright with the love and support of Andrew and Alex.

Thanks both of you for coming by.
Really appreciate seeing your comments.

Gerry said...

What a lover of art you are! I enjoyed all the entries here today, including the one on Soccer and the one on Chrystal Ball but most of all I appreciated this one in memory of Nicole! And the music. I came here from Sherry's blog and am going to put yours on my blog list, so people can see some of your beautiful entries. Gerry

Curious Kitty said...

Harrad, your apparent ability to grasp Nicole in all her beauty is astonishing...She left a gaping hole in our lives when she left, but her Coco-ness remains with all of us who loved her. Thank you.
Coco's grandmother

Herrad said...

Hi Gerry,
Thanks for coming by, glad you like the pics.
I enjoy finding them.
Really good to meet you here, nice of you to put my blog. on your list.
Yours is on my list too.

Hi Curious Kitty,
Thanks for coming by, the post for Nicole was the least I could do to let Sherry know I was thinking of her..
Can still hardly believe you have had such a lovely young woman taken away from you like this.
Have been thinking about Sherry alot, especially since your darling Nicole died last year.

Thanks both of you for coming by really appreciate your kind comments.