Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cool Summer's Day.In Amsterdam.

Gareth's Photos From Wales.

Woke up early, at 6 am as the blanket had somehow slipped off me and I was cold, Richie covered me up again and we both slept on for a few hours.

The sun was shining abit when we opened the curtain at 10 am but as I looked the cloud cover came back and within half an hour there was no sun.

It became noticeably cooler as soon as the sun went away so no return of the brief summer weather.

Beginning to think that this year will not be a good a summer as last year, not surprising really as last year was the best summer here in many years.

Shame for me especially as it would be so much nicer to go out in balmy warm weather, oh well never mind just have to warm up warm.

Richie has taken Spike off to the Emergency Animal Clinic as he did not respond as well as we expected to the flea treatment on Monday.

Sadly it was a typically late on Friday that we first noticed his scratching was getting really over the top.

Yesterday late afternoon he was starting to hurt himself quite abit so Richie put the plastic bucket round his head to stop him from biting himself.

Well they are back now, seems Spike has mange, which is a class of persistent contagious
Skin diseases caused by parasitic mites.

Poor old Spike has really not been having a good year this year with the knee operation and his teeth and now mange too.
He now has a treatment for the next three months which will get rid of the parasite.

Marleen will have to go and see the vet this week as she will need to be treated too as we are sure she will have got it from Spike by now.

Going to watch more football now Ghana v Serbia and later on it is Germany v Australia.

Earlier today we watched Slovenia win against Algeria, almost forgot we saw two games Friday fsirst was South Africa v Morocco and then France v Uroguay.

Am enjoying the game seems to be a good game with both teams playing well, unlike England yesterday.

They had a good first goal sadly for them they celebrated like they had already won the tournament.

Glad USA got a goal yesterday, even though it was mainly thanks to the England goal keeper’s blunder.

Lots more games to come.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Yes, poor Spike! hopefully the treatment will calm it down quickly!

Saturday and today we are finally having pleasant sunny and non-rain downpour days!

It's been about 70-75 degrees and i was able to catch up on the grass mowing, which was getting quite tall in some corners!

Have a nice Sunday evening,


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Spike! You're right, it's really not his year! Hope he bounces back stronger than ever! Enjoy the soccer!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
The first course seems to be having an effect already.
Neither warm or sunny here today.

Hi Rain,
Spike is a wonderful brave wee dog.
The stuff Richie has put on seems to have stopped him ripping chunks out of himself.

Thanks you two lovely friends for coming by.
We hope Spike recovers soon.
Have a good evening anbd start to the week tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Oh how much I'd like to change scenery and find meself in Wales - what a great place it must be.
Over here it is said to be close to 38C tomorrow ... sigh ... still lots of work and not much time. Wishing you a nice start into the week.

steve said...

Good for you, Spike. Life ain't worth living unless you catch something shameful.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Wales would be a lovely place to live.
Hope you had a good start to the week..

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your comment, hope Spike gets better soon.

Thanks for coming by.
Good to see your comments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad,
Sorry about Spike. My dogs both had it at once and since my immune system is compromised I ALSO got it. It was red mange and I had to go to Dr. for treatment more than once. On people it was called scabies and they don't usually get the dog kind (leave it to me). Anyway, my point: be careful. I can't believe I didn't mention I have MS. I possibly put it in one of those comments that got eaten. Glad you are getting something out of my old blog. Check out June 29, 2007. I think it is the only mildly interesting post I made. Hope you are out of the dip. I get there myself more than I would like to.


Herrad said...

Thanks for your visit and comment.
Sadly Richie got it from Spike but I have not.
Spike is getting better, poor thing it has driven him mad.
I got out of that dip, its up and down as you also know.
Guess we all make the best out of what we have.
Big hug.