Monday, May 16, 2011

All You Need Is Friends.

Brian Kershnik, 2005.

Its been raining all day; my physiotherapist said she would by choice have stayed at home.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day, feel quite optimistic that it will be a nice day, although it is still overcast now.

 After my physiotherapy session I called a good friend, Eva, who came over to visit us, very nice to see her as she is moving to Brighton, England tomorrow.

I am going to miss her very much, even though I never saw her, as much as I would have liked to, just knowing she was nearby was good.

Eva is a wonderful woman, I hope she has a good time in Brighton, and finds work as well as somewhere to live.

Miss having friends like Eva here in Amsterdam, I often feel like I am missing a special best friend here.

My best friends are scattered around the world, guess that is how it is, you meet, then life intervenes and people move.

I did too, left England to come here in 1981, that’s already thirty years ago in August this year, not all of which went by quickly as it seems to now.

Feel more positive after Eva’s visit.


Gareth said...

Hi folks a BIG Hello to you all. With you in spirit allways GXXX

janis said...

how true.. friends make things so much nicer.
Love to you & wishing Sunshine will come your way soon.

kmilyun said...

Many of my friends have moved to different states. While I miss seeing them in this day and age at least I can email or call them.

Just think you have world full of friends :) very special indeed.


Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Thanks for coming by, think of you both lots.

Hi Janis,
You are right friends make things better.
No sunshine outside as yet but who knows.

Hi Jan,
You are right friends across the world is special.
e-mail and skype are good to keep in touch.

Thanks for coming by lovely to see comments from 3 lovely friends.

Webster said...

If friends were flowers, I would want a whole bunch just like you.

Hope your sun comes out one of these days. We actually might hit 70F today -- first time this year.