Sunday, May 29, 2011

Staying In Touch With Friends

Abdul Hasi Al Gazzar
We watched the final of the Champion’s League between Manchester United v Barcelona at Wembely, it was a good game.

Manchester United were totally outplayed by Barcelona, they were clearly the much better side.

Barcelona had total control of the ball from the start of the second half, so Manchester United had no chance of scoring more than the goal they got in the first half.

Barcelona went onto score another two goals, which made it clear that they had conclusively won.

After the game Alec Ferguson showed what a fine fellow he is, as despite being totally shattered by losing he went straight over and congratulated the Barcelona manager.

Sadly Nur has gone, it was an incredibly short visit, it was really good to see him again, who knows he may even find a job here.

He has promised to visit us again soon; I hope he does as it is always good to spend time with him.

We met 11 years ago, when we both worked for an internet provider called Euronet, there was a great bunch of people there.

I am still in touch with 5 of them, all via Face Book, and three also via e-mail, which is very nice all these years later, I do like to stay in touch with friends.   


Linda said...

Dear Herrad, thanks for your visit and comment. I have been very bad at visiting blogs and slow at posting. I think I am distracted by my daughter sitting university entrance exams at the moment - I feel as if I'm living through them as well!
I was sorry to hear about Spike, and about you not being well over the winter months.
I didn't watch the football match but my Dad told me about it - he's a great fan, and in particular a fan of Alec Ferguson.
Wishing you better health to come.

Anonymous said...

Recently I've made the effort(at first it did feel that way) to get together with a few people I'd not seen in a long time...very well worth it.
I hope Nur is back soon. ~Mary

Rhapsody B. said...

Staying in touch is always great especially when its reciprocated.

Have a great week.

Picture Perfect Online Photography said...

Messi is a big help to his team, he scored a very important goal and he always play great, imagine 53 goals in 55 matches. Indeed the very first person to win the CL top scorer for three consecutive times. And of course the whole team is also doing great. Great game! Thanks for sharing this post!

Karen said...

It is always nice to keep in touch with those that have made a difference in our lives.

Nancy said...

I like the look of your blog. I have been remiss in visiting, but I think of you often. I do hope you are able to stay in touch with friends. I think it is so important to have those connections. Although I am struggling with that very thing lately.
Have a great day.

Herrad said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your visit and comment, which was nice.
I hope your daughters exams go well.
I am a big Alec Fergusson fan and so is Richie.

Hi Mary,
You are right it is well worth the effort to get together with friends.
Good to hear it was well worth it for you.

Hi Rhapsody,
I like to stay in touch, Nur is a good friend and its always good to see him.
I hope your week is good.

Hi Picture Perfect,
Thanks for coming by, good to meet you.
You are 100% right about Messi, he is a brilliant footballer, the team played excellently
They are quite rightly the best team, they were a pleasure to watch.
One of my favourite players is Carles Puyol.

Hi Karen,
I agree its good to keep in touch with friends, especially close friends.

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for coming by, you are right that staying in touch is good, but not always possible.

Thanks to you 6 lovely friends for coming by, I appreciate your visits and comments.