Saturday, May 14, 2011

Its Been A Pleasant Day.

Las galas de Nadja, 1950
Eugenio Granell.

A relief when after 21 hours Blogger was accessible again; even more of a relief there were no problems today.

It’s an exciting day; it is the Football Association Cup Final between Stoke v Manchester City.

Richie and I want Stoke to win, not the millionaires club Manchester City, the other big game is Manchester United v Blackburn Rovers.

Really want Blackburn to win, but think not, Alec Ferguson, the Manchester United manager will want to win.

This will be the 19th time his team have been top of the Premier League, winning today will make that a reality.

We watched the game between Stoke v Manchester City, sadly Stoke seem to have got stage fright as they hardly played at all.

Manchester City won 1-0; it was not the game we hoped for, a typical FA Cup Final, not much happening.

Manchester is a happy city tonight as Manchester United also won by getting a penalty.

Manchester City fans are happy tonight; this is their first FA Cup trophy since 1969, 42 years ago.

After the football we watched Dr Who which was very good, a great series, tonight it was exciting and a touch worrying, a perfect episode.

Now it’s the Eurovision Song Contest, the yearly kitsch pop competition, somehow almost compulsory, Azerbaijan have won, unbelievable, its been a pleasant day.  

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