Monday, May 02, 2011

Sunny Monday.

Isidore Isou. 

Today began abit better than yesterday; Richie crawled straight into the bathroom and soaked his feet, then had a shower.

Afterwards he could hobble around reasonably well, which was abit better than yesterday.

I hated seeing the pain Richie has been in recently, it has meant we have not been outside.

Really hoping that my darling Richie’s feet get better soon so we can go out, I have been noticing that I really need to get out.

Quite desperately, especially as the weather is so pleasant right now, nice that it has been so sunny and dry.

I got a letter from MOZAAK, who are dealing with the application for airco that they need another 8 weeks to decide.

Which will take us to the end of June, sounds like if I am lucky I could get it near the end of summer.

Amazing seeing as this was applied for by my case manager and occupational therapist.

I think I shall see if I can find an airco unit for next to my bed, as I can’t wait to hear the decision in July.

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