Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Freedom To Determine How They Live Their Lives.

Janos Mattis Teutsch.
Today has been a pleasant day; I received an e-mail from Ruud from Summit asking me to phone him.

Which I did, we have an appointment on Friday so Ruud can make sitting more comfortable for me.

After Richie gave me a shower, dressed me, my lovely friend Anja came to visit, it
was lovely spending time with her.

Good to see a good friend, talking with her was great, we talked for hours, just what I needed right now.

First dinner, then a small glass of good Trinidad Vat 19 rum, to toast my success in getting the building free of pigeons.

Richie went to the garden centre for plants, he has already planted some, there is a big planter full of strawberry plants outside the bedroom window, some pretty flowers will follow.

Back in bed I watched the Dutch news; saw shocking pictures of people being fired on in peaceful demonstrations in Yemen and Syria by their armies.

I heard two men talking about the Hama massacre in 1982, Human Rights organisations think as many as 40,000 were brutally murdered.

The two escaped with their lives, one man’s mother died after being tortured by the Syrian army, they can never return as they were officially declared dead.

Very upsetting hearing this, despite many been killed, thousands of brave people were back out on the street demonstrating peacefully.   

I hope they succeed in getting rid of these tyrants and get the freedom they deserve to determine how they live their lives.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hope you have a great week and get comfy with the right body, mary

Casdok said...

I saw those pictures too - very shocking.

Kris said...

So much chaos in this world! :o(

Hey, not sure if you want to pass this along to any of your friends in other countries who'd like to visit... but I've got the scoop on a giveaway trip to Holland. Stop by and see.

Nicole said...

Makes my problems pale when compared.

Gareth said...

Hi there glad to hear the pigeons are ousted:)But not good to hear that the chusions are still not being sorted. Any thing I can do would a e-mail help in any way. If so send me e-mail address please. Us good. Me in the middle of a ten day stint at work. All busy in the garden got chard, flowering broad beans @ peas, but still cold here.
Sending Warm Love @ hugs GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the good wishes, I am hoping the body orthotics will be better soon.

Hi Casdok,
Weren't they shocking, very upsetting to see this happening.

Hi Kris,
There is alot going on, oppressed people wanting rid of their dictators, demanding freedom,self determination.
I will pass by your blog and pass it on to.

Hi Nicole,
Good to meet you, thanks for your visit.[

Hi Gareth,
All email to Agis is via website.
Sounds like you are busy in the garden, chard is great in salads.
Hope your 10 days worky over quick and you enjoy your 4 day break.

Thanks to you 5 lovely friends for coming by, good to see your comments.