Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Quiet Day.

Paul Paun.

A quiet day today, just my physiotherapy appointment with Mathilde afterwards a late lunch, then Richie went to the shops.

He returned with a couple of bags of potting soil so he could put the rest of the plants he bought yesterday into pots.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching him doing this; it was lovely seeing the windows and the gallery by the front door as well as the balcony being transformed.

We now have many window boxes and pots full of herbs, strawberry plants as well as heaps of pretty flowering plants.

A very enjoyable afternoon today, shame the weather has become cooler and rainy, probably good it’s raining as I has been a dry spring.

Tomorrow is my appointment with Ruud from Summit to make a few adjustments so sitting will be better in the wheelchair.

Around midnight Nur, a good friend will come to stay until Sunday; he stayed with us last year while he looked for work.

Sadly he did not find a job here, he got one in England, shame as it would have been good to have Nur here in Amsterdam.

It will be nice to see Nur tomorrow night, even if it’s only until Sunday afternoon.


Aviva said...

Hi Herrad! Just stopping by to say hello and that I think of you far more often than I comment. Hope you're as well as you can be!!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hi Herrad, Hope you have a great weekend! Love, Mary

Nicole said...

Thank goodness for quiet days!
Is physiotherapy similar to physical therapy?

Herrad said...

Hi Aviva,
Thanks for your visit lovely to see your comment.
I am as well as possible in my condition.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your good wishes, hope your weekend is pleasant too.

Hi Nicole,
It's exactly the same.
We often have too many quiet days when we see no one, but that is life, people are all busy with their lives.

Thanks you three dear friends for coming by.