Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thinking About Anne.

Naive Art. 

On Wednesday I discovered that Anne’s blog Disabled Not Dead was gone, it had been deleted.

This upset me, because Anne is a wonderful woman, she has been a good, supportive friend to me and I am sure many others.

I think is a great shame, that her blog is gone, as it is a great blog, a good resource for MS information.

I sent her an email to see if she was ok, I wondered whether Anne had been having a problem with her blog.

Then I sent a mail to several blog friends and heard from Jen tonight, that she had heard a few months ago that Anne had a stroke.

She would be offline during her rehab, hope that Anne will be fine and her rehabilitation goes well for her.

I find it very frustrating that her blog is not there to leave supportive messages, get information how Anne is 

My hope is that Anne‘s rehab goes well, and she makes a speedy recovery, I would appreciate it if anyone who knows more could let me know.

I hope to hear from the woman herself once she has recovered, until then I will be thinking about her.


Friko said...

I can't help you with news about your friend but I came to return your friendly visit.

I see from previous posts that the struggle with bureaucracy goes on and nothing is made easy for you.

I nevertheless hope that you are in good spirits.

With my best wishes, Greetings from

Joyce said...

Thanks for letting us know about her stroke......will keep her in my thoughts

Have Myelin? said...

I am sorry to hear about Anne. I wish we could leave words of support too. If you find a way, let her know I'm thinking of her too.

Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes ! There are indeed many, many things happening 'behind' ones site/blog that aren't always showing...

Please have you all a good Sunday.

janis said...

that is frustrating.
it's so difficult when one of our blog friends disappears... i feel so close to many that i haven't met face to face but love & respect just the same.
im sorry you & richie have had such a hard time too with the support cushions...there is no excuse for it to take this long!
love to you~
hope you are having a beautiful weekend. i will be off for a couple of days w/ some family celebration. hope to post again soon~
love janis

Lisa Emrich said...

Hi Herrad,

I did not know that Anne's blog was gone. I just thought that she was no longer posting. But upon checking her Vitamin blog, I discovered that she had moved her blog to a new address - I've changed that now on the big MS blogger list.

It seems that she hasn't posted since her dog died in early April though. I do remember that someone on Facebook said that Anne had had a stroke. I don't see her on Facebook any longer.

I hope that she sees your email and know that you are thinking about her. And I hope that you are doing well.


Rhapsody B. said...

This is the experience i dred about the blog friends i have and care about. The truth is the online blog is the only link we have and if something happens we more than likely would never know. Perhaps it is a bit morbid to think along these lines but I have. I was thinking recently that I will leave my daughter my passwords and such in the event then she can logon and leave a note to my friends. Some may say this is arrogant that most people don't give a heaping crap, however to my way of thinking that if I think this way then there must be others thinking along the same lines.

I hope you get word on how she is doing and that she is recovering nicely and her spirit and endurance is strong and non-bending because it will take all ther strength she has to rise up and heal.

Have a blessed weekend my friend, do take care and please give Richie my regards.

JC said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a note. I do stop by and read yours when I have time. I don't always leave you a not. I've been busy lately. I have time to write my own blog but not visit everyone like I did.

I'm sorry about your friend.

Your sort of busy friend,

JC and of course the Purr & Fur Gang ^,,^

Herrad said...

Hi Friko,
Thanks for your visit, I enjoyed visiting your blog.
Despite the stress of dealing with burocrats I am in good spirits.

Hi Joyce,
Please do keep thinking of Anne, Lisa sent me the url where her blog is now, see her comment below or today's post.

Hi Sherry
Thanks to Lisa, Anne's blog has been found, we can all leave messages

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit and comment, you are right there is plenty going on we do not see.

Hi Janis,
Thanks for your visit and supportive comment.
I hope we get good news about the cushions soon.
Anne's blog has been found thanks to Lisa.

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your visit and especially for finding Anne's blog what a relief, your news made my day.

Hi Rhapsody,
I totally agree that it is good for someone else to have the password, not morbid just practical.
I now know thanks to Lisa where her blog is, see today's post.

Hi JC,
Good to see your comment, I know what you mean about only having energy for writing posts not visiting.

Thanks to all you lovely friends for making my day with your visits, especially Lisa who found Anne's blog.
Have a pleasant week.

Che koala said...

thanks for the heads up Herrad, and to Lisa for the updated info about Anne.

Herrad said...

Hi Chekoala,
Thanks for your visit, it is always good to see them.