Monday, May 30, 2011

Exciting Games.

The Glasgow Boys.

Today is beautiful, lovely to wake up to blue skies, sunshine, shame it was so cool, rainy while our friend Nur was here.

Last night we watched two playoffs, one between Peterborough v Huddersfield for a place in the Championship.

The other was Stevenage v Torquay, playing for a place in League One, both teams wanted to win.

Both games were good, the footballers played with passion as well as commitment, as if they were playing in the final of the Champions League.

Two exciting games, which were great to watch, Peterborough beat Huddersfield and moved up to the Championship  Stevenage won against Torquay, for a League One place.

This afternoon was the playoff between Reading v Swansea, another good game, Swansea won, they will be in the Premier League again, for the first time in 28 years.

Very exciting for Swansea, this will give a big boost to the people as well as the economy of the city and the area.

When Blackpool got into the Premier League last year it earned the local economy over 40 million pounds.

This would be so good for Swansea, they could do with the money, visitors to the city will be good for local economy.

Hopefully Swansea will play entertaining football which should make the next football season starting in August very exciting.

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