Friday, May 06, 2011

Shame No Care From Welzorg.

Pedro Friedeberg.

Today is a warm sunny day, Richie has just returned from doing the shopping for the weekend.

No news as yet about airco or joystick, I know MOZAAK informed me last Friday, that they needed 8 extra weeks to investigate my application.

I hope of course that they will be able to conclude their investigations, before the end of June, as I  need the airco now because of the warm weather.

Hopefully Welzorg will finally get in touch with me, and give me the ‘quick’ appointment they promised on 30 March.

No wonder they have lost their monopoly franchise to supply mobility aids to all cities and towns in the country.

Their name means good care, something that I have not experienced from them, since my first appointment in August 2006.

While I was a month in the Rehabilitation clinic in November 2006, I only heard complaints and saw many people struggling with inappropriate mobility aids.

From my first phone call and appointment with them, I was immediately treated with rudeness and a total lack of care or respect.

They never responded to my needs or seemed aware that I need swift action because of my MS, they consistently ignored that.


Bibliotekaren said...


You know it makes me so mad that first one has to deal with illness and the loss of the life they thought they'd have. Then with their crumbs of energy leftover they have to keep pushing for things they need...disability...various equipment/aids and so on.

I hope you get some of these things straightened out soon.

Also wishing you sunny weather for the weekend. Take care,


Herrad said...

Hi Donna,
I agree wih you, it is dreadful how many hoops one has to 'jump'through to get the aids you need.
Have to be patient and wait yet again.
The weather looks good,tomorrow should be great.
Have a pleasant weekend.

janis said...

booo hisss! I HATE THAT!
Hoping that things get straight and that your weekend is joyous.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
I hate it too, hate they alwats promise speed........then leave me waiting.
hate it, have to be patient.
it was sunny today think also the weekend.
Thanks for coming by.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hi Herrad, you need a complaint protocol in the government so you could get a waiver to go to a competent provider. Also in Vermont we have where people share/sell stuff.Best wishes on your quest for independent mobility. Will Holland wecken ab? Liebe, Mary