Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Rioting In David Cameron's Big Society In England.

'' ES BLIKT IMMER'' 1991.

Erna Rosenstein.

It was quite incredible, watching the BBC news last night and seeing the pictures of rioting in London.

These were triggered off by the police shooting dead a man, Mark Duggan last Thursday in Tottenham.

The Independent Police Complaint authority has said there was no evidence that Mark Duggan had shot first as claimed by police to justify his death

The neighbourhoods involved were Tottenham, Hackney, Enfield, Wood Green, Croydon, Clapham, as well as cities like Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, West Bromich and Liverpool.

This morning we heard that rioting had spread to other parts of London, such as Ealing, Harlesden, we saw pictures of burned out shops, buses, cars and apartments.

There seems to be a widespread misunderstanding about what is going on, people do not seem to grasp what is happening.

They don’t understand that a lot people feel totally disenfranchised; they feel they have no perspectives.

Now the Conservative Party are in power there is no chance for many, of anything but a life on benefits and in damp, often mouldy accommodation.

The government have made many cuts which will mean even less chance for a good future for very many people.

I have been listening to the radio and heard a few calling for more discipline; they were actually advocating using violence to resolve the situation.

Absolute madness I think, how can you resolve violence by using violence, it is as far as I am concerned advocated by people who sadly have no capacity to think or have empathy with others.


Kris said...

Great point Herrad. It is the sign of more issue than just anger over a shooting! Hope everything is bright in your town! :o)

Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
You are right this is more than just anger at the killing of Mark Duggan.
David Cameron the english prime minister says the rioters are sick he is trying to get everyone to focus on the morality and not on his politics that is creating the feeling of disenfranchising huge swathes of society.
Its changeable weather sun one minute then clouds and more sun.
Have a fine day.
ps do you know farinata, chick pea pancake from Genoa we are trying it tonight.