Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Need Help To Keep Being.

Since getting the mediwiet free on prescription, I have been sleeping well; I no longer need to use sleeping pills or regularly use diazepam.

Nearly two months without those pills has been good, I much prefer how I feel now, I never liked the way I felt waking after using tablets.

The 5 July 2011 was my first mediwiet free on prescription, still can’t thank my good friend Anja enough for writing letters to my health insurers Agis about why I should get mediwiet.

I shall be applying in the beginning of December for the 2012 letter permitting me mediwiet on prescription for another year.

Next week I hope to be getting confirmation that my disability allowance will be extended by another two years.

I am very fortunate to have Anja’s assistance, with all our administration, so good to be organised.

Before MS took away my hand function I did all our administration, I used. to get our tax returns organised very year.

Since 2007 I have needed friends help with all our paperwork, Richie has to open each letters and spread out every page in turn for me to read.

Not being able to live without help has made me come to terms with being helped, I need help to keep being.



Kelli said...

You are an inspiration to all those who haven't come to terms with requiring help to be. You amaze me with your grace, honesty and persistence.

Herrad said...

Hi Kelli,
Thanks for your kind and lovely comment, which i appreciate very much.
Very touching reading your words.
You are also an inspiration to me.
ps i hope hurricane irene has not caused any damage to your house.

Bekkie In Wonderland said...

I think you are being safe by staying off of the medications. Valium being on for a long period of time is bad for you! The withdrawal is terrible and sleeping meds feel terrible. I'm disabled and the more I stay off of my meds the better I feel. I hear what you feel about how good it feels to sleep without the drugs! I feel better my self sleeping without drugs. I hate being on drugs myself but until I get my knees fixed I'm screwed. Keep on being my friend! ♥

Herrad said...

Hi Bekkie,
Thanks for coming by i really appreciate it.
I agree it is not good to use opiates long term.
My mother got valium much too long from her doctor.
It was awful when she stopped taking them.
I hope you get your new knees soon.
I am glad to meet you.