Saturday, August 06, 2011

Driving Lessons Are Going Well.

Nikos Engonopoulos

Richie got me up at 10.30 and by 11.45 I was sitting happily in my wheelchair in the front room.

We heard a great story from our friend Lin from The British General Stores, she recently sold tea and biscuits to Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones.

And yesterday somebody came in for a couple of the best jars of marmalade and crisps for Morrisey, singer from The Smiths.
The weather is not as nice as yesterday; there is a thick gray cloud lid over the city of Amsterdam, despite this it’s certainly warm enough.

Shame for the Gay Canal Parade, that is happening right now, but probably its warm enough, hopefully the pleasant breeze will return to keep humidity down.

I am watching the canal where the canal parade goes by on Donniecam
Often I will have a look at the Prinsengracht on that webcam, it’s near our old apartment, and our street came out on the Prinsengracht at one end.

At the other we were minutes away from the Leidseplein, a great location for us in 2000, we certainly enjoyed being near the centre of the city.

We enjoyed the Vondelpark, strolling along by the canals at night, going to concerts at the Melkweg and Paradiso.

I am glad we had such a good time when we lived there, our parties were well attended, and Richie’s party food was excellent.

Richie is off having a driving lesson, his second 2 hour lesson for this week, so good to know that my darling Richie is doing well.

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