Friday, August 26, 2011

A Reflective Day.

 Cundo Bermbadez.

I am feeling reflective today, I think reading Marie’s post @ her blog last night got me thinking.

Marie wrote a wonderful post, I wish my parents had advised me like this, they never did, no perspectives were ever offered.

If they said anything about me it would be that I was an ungrateful kid who they had moved especially for to England so I could benefit from an English education.

They conveniently forget to say that they decided to leave Trinidad just before my 11 plus exams.

If I had sat them I would have passed and then I would have had access to good English education.

As it was I didn’t have the exams so could not attend a grammar school, my parents were not rich so could not afford to pay for me to go to grammar’ school.

This was known to my parents, even then they still carried on with their plans and I got to attend England’s worse schools in the Secondary Modern system.

With the 11 plus exam no one would have suggested that packing seeds at Suttons Seeds or biscuits for Huntly and Palmers  might be a good career for me as my Secondary Modern school  did

If only we had moved so I could have benefited from a good English education once I sat and passed my 11 plus exams.

What a different experience that would have been of English schools and life in England as well as a different career and life.


Kelli said...

Days of reflection are normal for us I suppose. I just know I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't experienced it the way I did. I don't know though, there was a lot of negative I could of done without.
Love and Happiness,

Herrad said...

Hi Kelli,
Thanks for coming by, i agree with you, i too wouldn't be who i am today without the experiences i have had.