Monday, August 01, 2011

Relaxed Sunny Day HereToday.

Antonio Dacosta.
It’s a beautiful warm sunny day, it is 27 degrees, it will be like this until Thursday when it gets cooler and wetter.

Richie reckoned that it was much cooler on Saturday; yesterday he said it was pleasant like a day in late September.

I wonder if these 3 days are the last warm days of this summer, I hope not, I so wanted balmy days, so we can get around.

In the past I would be upset thinking that summer is nearly over already, I never liked summer to end.

Used to dread the huge change in the weather; of it suddenly getting so cold, now I am looking forward to autumn and winter and the prospect of spring, my favourite time.

 I feel relaxed today, because Richie changed my catheter yesterday, every 6 weeks it needs changing, which I dread.

For the last three weeks I was very aware that the 31st July was the day, I got very worried, almost tried to put it off.

I discovered again that there was nothing to worry about, it was all over in 3 minutes.

The only discomfort is when it is pulled out, Richie has learned to empty the balloon twice and put KY jelly around the outside this makes it easier and almost pain free.


Kris said...

I hope you have a lovely day Herrad. Happy Monday!

Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
It has been a pleasant day, hope yours is too.
Thanks for your visit.

Webster said...

Oh! I learned a trick from one of my nurses about pulling it out: Have Richie count to three and pull it on three while you take a deep breath and blow it out on three. I promise you won't feel a thing.

The part I don't like so much is when they put it in. Doesn't hurt, just feels - odd. But it's over so quick.

One nurse (who talked too much and so was distracted) put it in so far it came out my urethra! then inflated the balloon. I thought something didn't feel right so I went to the bathroom to see. Gee whiz... they called the DR. in to see that!! He deflated it, pulled it back, and re-inflated it, and gave me three days worth of antibiotics "just in case."

Glad you're getting a few days of nice weather. I'm sure there will be more this month.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Thanks for the tip, sounds good, I will try it next time.
That sounds ghastly that change.
Glad the doctor sorted it out quickly.
Its another warm,sunny day today, the weather forecast is fr cooler weather and rain from this thursday.

Anonymous said...

It's never the 3 the sickly anticipation of...that wind up 3x the issue. Though I am sure Richie is a pro now.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
You are right its not the 3 minutes its the horrible anticipation.
The next four weeks are good then its two weeks counting down to the next time.
Maybe the next time I might not get so worried.
Richie is a pro now he does it well and is very reassuring.