Monday, August 29, 2011

Flying Roofs.

The Illusory Fish, 2001.
 Oleg A. Korolev

I drifted off to sleep yesterday, hearing the continuous steady fall of rain outside, thinking about people coping with Hurricane Irene in America.

Richie and I talked about how hurricanes happen, how and where they occur, how they build up such extreme speeds.

Must be very scary to get caught up in, when I lived in Trinidad, I remember that the island often experienced high winds as well as heavy storms due to hurricanes starting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our house was on a hill, so I recall seeing roofs flying off houses, and my mother being worried if my father was safe at work.

Sometimes phone lines would be down, and power would be off, but usually we only experienced the slip stream of the hurricane and never luckily the full impact of a hurricane.

Very worrying wondering how the bloggers I know in the USA is doing, I hope every one of them is safe.

Our weather has been awful, no summer in summer time, which is a shame for us, but must been badly for the farmers.

Temperature changes have been affecting us all; in Africa it has resulted in drought and famine.

In America they have been experiencing a lot of extreme weather in the last years, and now they have been sheltering from Hurricane Irene.


Rhapsody B. said...


gurl i remember being home, we too lived on hills and we had a good view of people's houses and roof flying apart, to this day i prefer to live on the hills instead of near the water or on sand.

Have you heard of the madness going on home? Crying shame that is.....

Tracey's Life said...

Hurricane Irene was terrible for us. We evacuated and still cannot go home. Pictures are on my facebook page if you want to see. I will accept your friend request if you are curious.

Best to you Herrad

Kelli said...

I live in the Midwest so Irene wasn't an issue here.
It sounds like some places were really hit hard. Flooding seems to be such a problem in a lot of areas.

Herrad said...

Hi Rhapsody,
Thanks gurl, i agree I prefer living on a hill, sadly not many in the Netherlands.
Thanks for telling me about whats going on at home.
Its really sad, i phoned my cousin in San Fernando who told me about the gangs and the curfew.

Hi Tracey,
Really sorry to hear you can't get home yet, how horrible for you.
Please send me a friends request as i can't find you.

Thanks you 2 lovely friends for coming by.
I hope life gts back to normal soon in Trinidad and in the USA.

KParthasarathi said...

Nature's fury is always frightening and sometimes devastating.Luckily Irene went away without any damage in NH.But I was amazed at the steady flow of information on the TV and the preparations by authorities to face the danger.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hi Herrad, We got rain and heavy winds. Much worse south of here. Some places in Vermont washed out-generally near rivers. Thanks for thinking of us. Have a great week! Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Kelli,
Good to hear you were safe from Hurricane Irene.

Hi KP,
You are right nature is frightening, good to hear there was no damage where you were.
Also good to hear there was adequate information and preparations to face any danger.

Hi Mary,
I am so happy to hear you survived and only had rain and strong winds to contend with.
i hope the rain hasn't flooded your land, and you have been able to harvest your vegetables alright.

Thanks to you three good friends for coming by.
Good to hear you all are ok.
I have been very worried about all my lovely friends in America.

Bekkie In Wonderland said...

Luckliy the hurricane this time was just a tropical storm and not a bad one. I always worry because my family lives in Jacksonville Florida but so far the hurricanes go up and other them. I still worry though. I used to live in Florida and we had a horrible storm, lighting stuck a power pole outside the house and the floor was cement. We all got shocked and the hairs stood up on our bodies. It was scary! I'm from Indiana originally and all we had to worry about was tornados. At least we had basements! Hey, I'm sorry to hear you have multiple sclerosis. When did you get it and how old are you now? Have a good week and take care! ♥

Herrad said...

Hi Bekkie,
Thanks for coming by i really appreciate it.
Thats a scary story reading about you an your family getting shocked via the concrete floor.
And tornados too.
I got the diagnosis in 2006, i am 60 this year.
Look forward to seeing your comments again.