Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still Trini To The Core.


Fight Of The Lion And The Rhino.
Oleg Korolev.

 So glad we don’t have hurricanes in the Netherlands, I imagine that would be bad news for all of us living on reclaimed land.

It would have flooded out here, as we are under the sea level, a scary idea indeed, while I was relieved we are not in the hurricane corridor, I was concerned for friends who were.

I have heard from a few, that they are alright, I also heard from one, Tracey’s Life that she and her family had to evacuate and yesterday she could still not return home.

I hope Tracey can go home soon; today would be very good for them, sadly I can’t find Tracey on Face Book or in the blog sphere.

Maybe she will be in touch soon, hopefully Tracey will have better news then, yesterday I got also got a comment from my Trini friend Rhapsody about Trinidad.

I looked at Google news as well as Trinidad newspapers; I read that there was a curfew because of gang warfare.

Then I phoned my lovely cousin Aileen in San Fernando, Trinidad and spoke to Philip, Aileen’s husband, he told me that the curfew was to stop the gangs.

Real shame they banned cannabis and thereby allowed Trinidad to be used as a hub for cocaine trafficking.

Horrible that this paradise should be spoiled by that drug, the good thing was that I had a lovely phone call with Aileen and Philip, and my own Trini accent came back after just two words with Philip.

Seems I could be taken away from Trinidad but Trinidad cannot be taken from me, I am still Trini to the core.


FrankandMary said...

I'd imagine the weed would be much better to deal with than the coke, but what do I know....

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I love to here you talk about Trinidad...sad it has changed. people are helping each other here after the storm. that is a good thing. have a great week. love, mary

Tracey's Life said...

Hi Herrad, I am alive, stressed out like crazy but we are here. Yes, please send me a request on FaceBook
Tracey Doerrer

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
I think allowing weed would be much easier to deal with.

Being legal there is no big money to be made, no gangs will get involved if there is no profit.

Hi Mary,
Thanks i enjoy remembering Trinidad, good to hear people are helping each other after the storm.

Hi Tracey,
Good to hear from you, i hope you are back in your own home.

Thanks to you 3 dear friends for coming by.
Good to hear from Tracey.
Have a good week.

janis said...

Hey Herrad~ Im sorry I have been away from Blogland... work keeps me too busy to get a chance to catch up. Love to you! Have a Great day~

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Good to see you comment, hows work.
I hope ts going well.