Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life Is Always Different Than You Think.

Sans Titre, 1929.
Jacques Andre Boiffard.
How typical Richie goes out to pick up the last bits of shopping and 5 minutes later I can feel my bowels starting to move and I have no option but to sit here and do it in the bed.

I am  looking forward to hearing the front door open and its Richie, for now I sit here soiling the bed, typing while watching football on TV.

The sun comes by intermittently, thoughts of summer being shelved until next year, I do hope we will still get the odd lovely warm sunny day.

Feel bad greeting Richie with the news I have done it in the bed but there is nothing I can do, that is not in my power.

I hate being incontinent but have decided it’s a waste of time and energy being upset by things I can’t change.

Turns out I had not done anything, that happened when Richie laid me down to get the straps from the hoist around my legs, then he sat me up again and it happened then.

As soon as I got taken into the bathroom and had used the toilet, my life started to improve again, after Richie showered me I felt even better.

Now I am in the front room, watching Richie cook, the dogs have been playing are watching Richie in case he drops something tasty on the floor.

I have been noticing the evenings getting darker once again, guess summer is winding down now and we can look forward to hopefully a pleasant autumn.


Bekkie In Wonderland said...

I am also disabled but not as confined as you. I have deformed knees (they call it Windswept Knees) such a nice word for an ugly affliction. At least I can look forward to surgery in the future if all works out. Your blog really touched me. You are so honest and seem like a great person. I'm sorry you have such a load to bear! I almost died in July of 2010 and when I got home from the hospital I couldn't control my bowls for 2 months so I can only imagine what you are up against. In my case I couldn't even feel myself going so I'd either feel it afterwards or see it when I would get up to use the toilet. The doctors never figured out why but it did stop and for that I am so thankful. This is my first time reading your blogspot but I will be back, I know from my experiences that being bed ridden is hard on a person...watching the world go by. Bless you honey! Keep up the movement even if it's a twitch, it's a huge step and I rejoice with you about it! Hope your week is comfortable for you. Drop by my site sometime. ♥

Herrad said...

Hi Bekkie,
Thanks for coming by, good to meet you.
I hope you get your knee op soon.
I will visit your blog.