Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Happy To Regain Some Independence.

Promise Land.
Rafael Y. Herman
I woke suddenly this morning feeling really bad, my arms were totally stiff & painfully cramped.

Despite the airco being on I felt like I was lying in warm treacle, which felt horrible, the mosquito net only intensified this.

I asked Richie when he took the net away from my bed, if he also felt as hot as I did, he did not.

 It was only me that felt hot, very hot and uncomfortable, somehow after Richie removed the mosquito net and repositioned me in bed I managed to doze for a couple of hours.

I concluded that it was the MS that woke me up so suddenly, my body seemed on fire, felt an unpleasant tingling feeling from my toes to my head.

MS sensations like something burning hot crawling over my whole body, my skin felt on fire.

Now that I am sat up, propped by the support cushion, my leg exercises done by Richie and I have taken my baclofen tablets I feel better.

The tingly, burning feeling has subsided, which is good, hopefully it will not dominate again today.

Paul from RTD Het Dorp came by to fix the Home Servant; this allows me to switch on radio, TV, lights, open the front door, good it works, happy to regain some independence.


Webster said...

It's nice what a little competition can do for business! How does your Home Servant work?

Have a good day! should be sunny here; looking forward to it. Still waiting to hear about getting scooter batteries from the NMSS. I missed one call, and haven't received a reply to my messages. Today -- and they'd better not call when I am outside!

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,

Lovely to see your comment, my home servant is a small gadget that either is attached to the wheelchair.

I can make phone calls, switch on tv, lights, open front doors, ours and main entrance and appartment.

I can slso operate the bed to raise or lower the bed.

I hope you get your battery soon, sadly no sun today.

It is overcast and grey and sticky weather.

Have a pleasant day.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Keep cool! Have a great week! Love, Mary