Saturday, August 13, 2011

No Interest In A Strong Healthy Society.

Les Quartre Saisons 11.
Dominque Appia.
It’s a dreadful situation in England, now hundreds are in court, all those who got swept up in the riots.

I see the riots as an expression of absolute hopelessness of people who feel totally disenfranchised.

They have been told daily in the newspapers, radio, TV that their lives will get even worse after the cuts.

Many have nothing to look forward to but a life on benefits with no perspectives for a better future for them or their children.

Then there is also the daily news of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and atrocities such as Syria murdering its citizens.

And the distressing pictures from Libya, Bahrain, Tunesia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt have also had a huge effect on people.

A shame no one has the political courage to say, we are responsible for what happened, now let’s see how we can resolve this and empower people.

They should invest in education as a priority; and restore paying money to encourage kids to remain at school from age 16 to 18.

Instead there have been calls for water cannon, teargas and rubber bullets by David Cameron the Prime Minister and other politicians.

These are calls for violence to resolve violence which surely can never work; it also shows that the Conservatives despite describing society as not just broken but sick have no interest in a strong healthy society.


Gareth said...

Hi there H@R, yep its so Bad that all these people will be crimanalised for there whole life now. They are even chucking Families out because a son/daughter was involved in the chaos. Just makes no sense at all and is very saddening as it wont solve the problem.
Ok hope your enjoying the weekend Us good had a nice day at folks went for a drive out and had Ice-creams.

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
2,000 have been in court so far, thats alot of peoples lives ruined by getting a record.
When Cameron smashed up premises on drunken nights out with the Bullingdon drinking club and terrorised the workers but hey it was ok because they paid for the damages.
One rule for rich kid another for poor kids.
Have a good weekend.

Rhapsody B. said...

You are so right, when people feel hopeless then anything can and will happen. The powers that be do nothing and fill their pockets and when things disintegrate such as they have now they point the finger and blame the individual and side stepping responsibility on any level. Shame

Hope you are well.
take care...

Herrad said...

Hi Rhapsody,
Thanks for your succinct summing up of the situation.
The Prime Minister is calling for water cannons, rubber bullets, teargas.
And lots of blaming as well as demanding rioters be made homeless.
Cameron's solutions makes many more problems and more riots to come.
Sadly they have no moral courage.
I am ok i hope you are doing well.

Have Myelin? said...

Hi Herrad, I am glad my son is not over there!

I read many of the rioters were "upscaled" peeps, not impoverished. I don't get THAT part at all.

Why riot if your OWN life is good? Why not help others improve their lives instead?

I see no point in anyone rioting, whatever the reason. Rioting isn't peaceful protesting. They didn't have to burn down buildings, loot and turn into criminals "just because everyone else was doing it".

Have a good day Herrad!