Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do My Best.

A Figure In Red And Blue.
Gunther Gerszo.

I made a conscious decision because of how my mum used to reproach my dad; I decided that I did not want to be like that too.

Reproaching people was not something I wanted in my life, neither did I want to blame or be judgemental or be prejudiced.

Strange thing is that I manage with other people, I never reproach others, yet I can’t seem to stop reproaching myself.

When I was still at home I got the blame for most things, maybe I am just assuming that I am indeed to blame.

I must still think that somehow it must be me; I hope that I can stop giving myself a hard time like I do much too often.

Really hope I can stop this as it is such a waste of time, I think that slowly and surely I will stop reproaching myself.

Recently I have been quick to stop myself getting caught up in thinking something is somehow my fault, surely it must be.

With hindsight I can see now that my parents, like so many of their generation were badly scarred by the wars, WWl and WWll.

Their experiences had an impact on their lives and their families; they were only doing their best, not easy when you have been so damaged by wars like so many others. all doing their best.

I shall also do my best.



janis said...

Dear Herrad~ I am a week behind reading Blogs... Im going to try to go backwards & get caught up.
Love to you~ Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend♥

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Lovely to see your comment, thanks for coming by.

Webster said...

Isn't it funny (odd) that even when we can't DO a damned thing, we still can blame ourselves? Lighten up, Herrad. Whatever you did, I know it was your best. Smiles all around.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
I am doing my best, old habits are hard to lose, but slowly but surely its happening.
Thanks for your support.

Bekkie In Wonderland said...

You seem like such an awesome person in so many ways and I'm so proud of you because you are so beyond your disability! You are an excellent writer, you stay busy with your blogs and you have so many stories to tell. Your writing is so good I wonder why you're not writing a book. I know I'm trying to write my first book, it's hard but I'm enjoying it. Don't be so hard on yourself, you have been through enough and deserve to give yourself a break!! You are a good person and I'm glad to get to know you. I love to blog like you do, but if I could get a book published it would be the dream of my life. Take care sweetie! ♥