Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beenhakker Look After Their Customers.

Elsa Schiaparelli.

Today was a pretty relaxed day until Richie got the shower chair to take me to the bathroom and discovered it didn’t work.

Richie put the battery onto charge again, to see if that was the problem, after half an hour it became clear it wasn’t.

It could not be used, so that Richie can place me above the toilet, then undresses me, showers me, dries and dresses me all on the Carendo shower chair.

Luckily it was high enough for me to use the toilet, it was just possible, sadly no shower, as the shower chair won’t be adjusted, so Richie wouldn’t be able to wash nor dry me adequately.

What a nasty surprise, had been so looking forward to a lovely shower, I contacted Beenhakker, the supplier.

Happily they could send someone to hopefully repair the shower chair, the engineer arrived at 22.00, and he worked for 40 minutes, at the end it worked.   

Which was the best news ever, no sooner had Arjan the engineer left, when I needed to go to the toilet, and happily the shower chair could be used.

 We just couldn’t manage without, so glad Arjan cares for his work; once I explained the importance to me he agreed to come.

 After nearly an hour, Arjan had managed a quick fix, the problem, had occurred because the emergency button had been activated.

Three cheers for Arjan, from Beenhakker who solved the problem; they are a good company, who look after their customers.

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