Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Surprise.

Emmy Bridgwater

Today has been a pleasant day, I enjoyed sitting in bed editing two Dutch posts, for Friday and Saturday.

As usual I was doing several things at the same time as editing; I was also listening to the radio, watching football on TV.

Richie got me out of bed to shower me; which was lovely, I am still getting extra enjoyment from showers, after the shower chair drama on Friday.

Once I was dressed and sitting in my wheelchair, Richie announced he had got me a10th anniversary present.

He left me waiting, for what seemed ages, wondering what the present would be, I was very excited.

Then Richie returned with a chicque little black shiny bag, pulled out a ring box, he opened it and took out a beautiful ring and placed it on my finger.

It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, I am over the moon with Richie’s beautiful surprise anniversary present.

‘It is gorgeous ring, a really amazing present; I had no idea, none, not even when he went off to buy olive oil, not unusual for him to go to one of the excellent Turkish shops 5 minutes away.

My darling Richie has really surprised me, it is not often I am speechless, today I was, totally and utterly amazed, that’s what I call a surprise.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Happy Anniversary! The ring sounds beautiful. How romantic! love, Mary

Karen said...

Oh what a wonderful surprise! Happy Anniversary to you both!

Nancy said...

Wonderful and thoughtful gift. Happy anniversary, Herrad! (Today, December 19th is my 31st anniversary.)

Herrad said...
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Herrad said...

hi mary,
thanks,its very pretty, i love it, a huge surprie.

hi nancy,
its a beautiful gift, happy anniversary to you too.
have a plieasant day.

thanks dear friends for coming by.

Have Myelin? said...

Happy Anniversary and I'm glad you got such a man.

And a lovely gift to go with him. =)

Webster said...

I think a picture is in order. Of the ring on your finger, not of you sitting in the shower.

Now you are making me want DH to get some money and buy me a diamond.

Herrad said...

hi sherry,
thanks, me too he is a sweetheart

hi webster,
you nearly got the shower photo.............

thanks both of you lovely friends for coming by.
love herrad

love herrad