Friday, December 09, 2011

Just Being.

Rachel Baes.

Today has been lovely day, quite dreamy in bits, then abruptly disturbed with the noise of sudden dog games happening, great to see the three of them getting on so well.

Richie had to post a letter today, it had to be sent registered so the court will sign when it arrives, it is my court appeal against having my airco application refused.

While doing this, he made the happy discovery of a pet shop, right near the shop that does the post; it actually sold rubber duck toys for dogs.

When Richie got back, there were three excited dogs, who I think must have smelled the dog treats well before Richie got in the door.
Once Richie took everything out of the bag, he then produced three new toys, one duck for an extremely happy Cyril, he seemed ecstatic rushing round honking it.

Luckily he soon killed the squeak himself just before we had more then enough of the persistent honking rushing madly between rooms.

Nice to see a happy Cyril, glad we are doing things right for him, giving him the chance to be happy, he will never totally lose his panic attacks completely, however they will get less in time.

He has been here with us now for 11 months; it’s only now that Cyril is finally letting his guard down and relaxing and being a dog at last.


Webster said...

That's really nice to hear about Cyril, and nice to NOT hear the squeaker any more.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the smell of dog treats(big smile). I practice just being...but wish I could, well, just be, without the practice.

Karen said...

I am also so happy happy when the squeaker breaks!

Herrad said...

hi webster,
cyril is so happy, he loves playing with tina.

hi mary,
i agree better without practice.

hi karen,
they drive us quite nutty.

thanks you 3 lovely friends for coming by, good to see your comments.