Saturday, December 31, 2011

Enjoy Today,

Dorothea Tanning.

Well here it is the last day of 2011; because it’s raining I do not have to endure too many sounds of fireworks.

Here there have already, been weeks of fireworks being let off, despite it being illegal to set off fireworks before midnight on the 31st of December.

No one tries to enforce this law, shame as fireworks causes so much injury, and I wish they would stop selling fireworks, better to have big displays.

People here drive to Belgium for fireworks, where there are fewer restrictions, and so heavier fireworks can be bought and smuggled over the border.

Things that are more like mortar bombs and nothing like crackers or bangers or catherine wheels.

My first New Year here on my own in 1982, was very scary, no one told me about fireworks, it sounded like I was in the middle of a war zone, like Beirut.

I wish people pooled their fireworks, and organised more communal displays, but after 30 years I am less hopeful.

Hoping for rain tonight so the streets won’t be too noisy, and our 3 dogs won’t get too upset, although Cyril seems to have started howling already.

I intend to enjoy today,


Peace Be With You said...

I hope you find kindness and joy in this new year.

Gareth said...

hey folks O YES I remember doing The Nieuwmaarkt one year O MY GOD just mental fireworks being let off from bottles had to leave as just saw accidents waiting to happen. form then on tried to find a roof top to watch from:)Have a pleasent evening enjoy Jool Hoggmany. Us off for a rave LOVE@ HUGS G@PXXX

Herrad said...

hi judy,
thanks i hope you do too in 2012.

hi gareth,
i too experienced this on the nieuwmarket in 1983.

thanks for coming by, it is much apprciated