Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hustle And Bustle Of Christmas Eve.

Rachel Baes.

Today started very nicely with a phone call from our lovely friend Gareth, phoning from Wales, nice to hear from him, funnily just yesterday I spoke to our other lovely friend from Wales, Cari.

Really good speaking with friends, especially good ones, so like to hear about their lives, catch up, get aquainted with what’s going on with them.

Easy to lose touch, often quite simple to remake the contact by just doing so nothing else, so simple, you do not need to complicate it, mind you sometimes I do.

Just realised that it is once more nearly Christmas, it always sneaks up on me before I know, there it is the 25th December.

Luckily I have done my shopping already, via eBay, which was enjoyable, perhaps not such good fun as the shop, but its good option for me.

My favourite used to be doing my Christmas shopping on 24th December, loved the hustle and bustle, great fun.

Never like liked doing my shopping months beforehand like my mother, who did all her’s in the summer, because it was cheaper then.

Not my idea of fun, but guess that was not the point of the exercise, it was money saving not fun.

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