Friday, December 23, 2011

Quite A Day.


Quite a day, today it started with me having to call our doctor and request a house call, Dr Smit agreed to visit at 12.00.

Turns out it was exactly what I thought it would be, not a simple yeast infection but it had gone to another stage, it was now another fungal infection, it was now trichamonas.

Which I thought it was, shame the locum I spoke to did not come here as I requested Wednesday, then I would not have been experiencing three more days of painful discomfort.

I hate being preoccupied with something like this, no wonder I have not been myself, I have been tired, listless lacking my usual sense of humour.

Richie has just gone to the chemist to pick up medication, seems that there is a huge queue, so my darling is waiting in line for my pills.

Luckily he just returned with them so my week long pain party will be finally over later tonight when I take them before I go to sleep.

Apart from that I also had to mail agis, about the seemingly never ending saga of Seetech and which company will get the contract.

RTD Het Dorp thought they had it; however I heard they were so keen to get the contract that they have put together a limited version which won’t allow me to keep communicating like now.

 Because they left out giving me English or German, I grew up bilingual, plus no installation nor instructions how to use, I explained to Agis that the RTD het Dorp were looking after their own interests not mine.

Agis are reviewing the bids, so I hope there will be good news before my finger stop working, which is happening now.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hope you feel better soon! Merry christmas... Love, Mary

Rhapsody B. said...

Sorry for your discomfort, I pray a speedy recovery from this infection.

stay blessed.
season greetings to you and yours.

Miss Chris said...

Feel better soon! :)

Gareth said...

Hi folks Wishing YA ALL A COOL YULE have a lovley relaxed day Wif YA SPIRIT G@P XXX

Gareth said...

HI Just me Forgot to say HOW lovley ya looking wif ya wonderfull Bling and beautiful Smile :) GXXX

Herrad said...

hi mary,
i did feel better.

hi rhapsody
it was speedy.

h chris,
i do.

hi gareth.
you too.

thanks you lovely friends for coming by, love seeing your comments.
because of my quick action, getting the doctor to visit, meant a pain free christmas.
love herrad