Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year Without New Year’s Resolutions

Dorothea Tanning.

Well it’s nearly the 31st of December and the end of this year, 2011 and the start of a new year.

Of 2012, a new year and a new chance, to do things in a different way, always good to try something else.

A new year is a great chance to do something else; I don’t do new years resolutions

I found I never stuck to them, it was always something I would say I intend to do, but by January 2 all was forgotten.

This way has worked better for me, much better, I feel free to use my imagination.

Instead of reciting a list of things I won’t do suddenly as if by magic, no wonder it can’t work because there is no magic, it does not exist.

I feel happier making decisions as I need to not just because everyone makes new years resolutions.

My best new year’s resolutions were promising never to do it ever again, to never set myself up to fail.

Happy New Year without New Year’s resolutions


Karen said...

I never make new year's resolutions! Wishing you and Richie a Happy New Year!

Gareth said...

Hi Folks wishing you folks a Happy Non resolution NewYear. Never made any meself, feelt if I was going to change anything then anytime is as good as any. Had a long 12 hour shift to day but got 2 days off so folks tomorrow in the day time then got a Party to see in the New Year, will have a Dance for you. BIG LOVE@ HUGS G@PXXX

Webster said...

Happy New Year to both you and Richie. Hugs to the doggies. Celebrate with tasty treats. No NY resolutions for me either.

Herrad said...

hi karen, hi garth, hi webster,
thanks to you 3 dear friends for coming by.
we had a had a pleasant old years evening watching jools holland's hootany show which was excellent