Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Syria, Something That Can't Be Ignored.

Leonora Carrington.

I have been enjoying a day of relaxing, which has been very pleasant, so much so I am going to keep doing this.

It is much better than getting stressed, hopefully quite soon I will be able to say goodbye to advisors and there will be no need for any more appointments.

A very fine prospect that I am looking forward to tremendously in fact I can’t hardly wait for that moment to b here.

Being relaxed is nice but it has not stopped me being aware of what is happening in the world I live in.

All the killing and suffering that has been inflicted on the Syrian people by the Dictator Assad’s regime is something that can’t be ignored.




Gareth said...

Hi there folks glad ya enjoying the here and now. Wanted to thanks you for the pressies, loving the Beers and look forward to watching the film.

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
lovely seeing your comment.

janis said...

cant be ignored but sometimes it is good to relax and stop worrying about the world. I find I get to depressed if I start thinking too much about things I can not control.
Love to you Herrad~ Have a gorgeous day!