Tuesday, December 06, 2011

No Future For Many In Cameron's Britian.

Gragoire Michonze.
We watched Newsnight on BBC TV, last night; it started with joint research on the riots in England, this summer, by the London School of Economics and the Guardian newspaper.

The study highlighted the fact that the riots, were not just about criminality, caused by gangs as Prime Minister Cameron tried to dismiss them, declaring any investigation as not only unnecessary but irrelevant.

The riots according to Cameron and the coalition government were nothing to do with political unrest they were the work of criminals, it was purely criminality organised by gangs.

And nothing else declared David Cameron, who dismissed out of hand, calls in parliament for a public enquiry into the causes of the London riots.

But as the research showed they weren’t principally about looting; they were the response from the population who were sick and tired of police brutality, intimidation, and violence and the lack of any perspectives for a future for them or their families.

This was the response of people with nowhere to go nothing to look forward to, and now with nothing to lose; they did not feel as if they had a place in society

For the last couple of years they have been inundated by revelations about members of parliament fiddling their expenses, whilst living extremely well at tax payers cost.

They have heard all about the ‘’criminal’’ behaviour of financial institutions, endless stories of financial slease seemingly without sanctions being taken against the perpetrators.

Since the coalition government everyday all they hear about is cuts in their living standards, tax increases, and rise in cost of petrol, loss of jobs, loss of libraries, and loss of legal aid.

As well as youngsters at school losing their education maintenance allowance, which was introduced to encourage students to remain in school after age 16, additionally universities have trebled their fees to 9,000 per year, so no hope of  education for the working class youth..

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