Friday, December 02, 2011

Freedom Of Expression Fundamental Right..

Brown Hayfield,1855.
Ford Madox Brown

Just been looking at the list of countries who read my blogs, every time I see it I am amazed, that so many people from so many countries visit and read my blog’s

There were 167 when I looked before lunchtime; this has now been increased now to 168 by Afghanistan, could hardly believe that someone from that magnificent country is visiting my blog.

 I find it very moving that 18 countries visit my blog, that’s wonderful, I am very happy that so many read my blog from all over the world.

Which, was not the reason I started it in 2006, when I hadn’t long been diagnosed with MS, then I wanted somewhere to express how I was feeling.

I am glad that I did not think then that so many people would be reading my blog; I think if I had thought then that might happen, I would have panicked.

Now 5 years later, I am no longer nervous and worried about people reading my blog, now I am flattered and happy, to see each country as it appears on my list.

I enjoy reading other blogs as well as meeting and getting to know other bloggers, I think it’s wonderful that the internet provides the means to communicate with people round the world.

I enjoy being able to do this despite being so handicapped, as long as I can I will be writing my blog everyday; freedom of expression should be fundamental right for everyone.


KParthasarathi said...

You are doing an excellent job as the vote would testify.Given your constraints, I wonder whether others can achieve even a part of what you are accomplishing,Herrad.
Keep the posts coming.The world is your audience.I am proud to be your reader.

Herrad said...

hi kp,
thanks for your visit and kind comment.
i too am very happy that you read my blog.
i love writing everyday, will keep them coming.
love seeing comments, they make me happy.
have a good day.

Tracey's Life said...

You are doing a great job Herrad and it is always so refreshing to read of your incredible positive outlook. You make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Your mind is sharp & flexible. That is quite evident on your blog. And you have good taste in dogs :-). ~Mary

Herrad said...

hi tracey,
thanks for your comment,i am happy my posts make you smile.

hi mary,
thanks for your comment, writing keeps my mind ticking over well.

thanks you 2 lovely friends for coming by.
enjoy your weekend.

Webster said...

Herrad, I admire the fact that you find the energy (and the words) to post every day. While I do not always comment, be assured that I always read your blog. I am proud that you have so many countries represented on your reading list.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

You always inspire me. Your artwork is a gallery and writing so honest. Have a great day! Love, mary

Peace Be With You said...

Herrad, the internet is a blessing for those of us with MS or other disabling conditions. You are a beacon of light, and I am always inspired by your spirit and tenacity. You lead by example, even when you feel down. Thank you, Herrad. We are in your debt.

Herrad said...

hi webster,
thanks for your kind words, i appreciate your visits.

hi mary,
thanks for visiting, brilliant we support and inspire each other which is good, mutual support for each other.

hi judy,
i am speechless seeing your moving comment, got a tear in my eye reading it.

thanks you lovely friends for visiting.