Monday, December 05, 2011

Daunting But Very Posssible.


Gragoire Michonze.
It’s getting very cold now, wintertime is here, I been in quite a lot of pain over the weekend and today, maintaining a good position in bed has not been easy.

My shoulders, arms are painfully tense; there is nothing I could do to reduce the tension, although Richie’s massages happily do temporally relieve the discomfort.

Because of experiencing such discomfort it meant that my post went up later then I intended, however both posts needed to be edited and I needed to take it easy.

I am pleased now that I didn’t get agitated, really pleased, and anyway why should I get upset, there is no deadline, no boss, it’s my blog after all.

Nevertheless it was slightly daunting, after editing yesterday’s post to see three drafts in my Dutch blog post this afternoon, two translations to do before starting on today’s post.

Despite the gulp factor, everything went very well; the Dutch posts have been translated, edited and posted.

I think that I will stop after posting this and relax; well I well try to with the help of some THC.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hope you get some rest and remember you are your own editor. That is not easy. Even editors make mistakes :) You write my #1 blog. Love, mary

Karen said...

I don't post as often as I used to Herrad. It's really difficult to concentrate when in a lot of pain. I blog when I can, and don't worry when I can't. Like you said, there are no deadlines. Hope the pain eases for you soon.

Herrad said...

hi mary,
i have been resting quite alot thanks for your concern and kind words.
funny realising there are no deadlines!

hi karen,
thanks for coming by,i am in abit less pain now, hope you too enjoy a pleasant day.

thanks for your visit,good to see your comments.

FrankandMary said...

I enjoy the gentle grip of your words, edited, not edited, however you present. ~Mary

Gareth said...

Watcha H@R, allways amazed at your blogging abilities not in one language but 2:) Yep looks like the weather on the turn here 2 has got a lot coolder. House coming along nicley lots happening, hope to get photos up soon. Bit of a disaster with comp got a nasty virus and its wiped a lot of my photos so a bit gutted. Luckly has a lot on a memory stick but not any from this year:(

Juli Junebug said...

Hi there Herrad, Juli here from Beautiful Downtown Monterey your blog...still! Come visit at my new one:

I gotta figure out how to follow this. It's cold here too and rainy...yuck...

Herrad said...

hi mary,
thanks for your lovely words.

hi gareth,
big hugs to you, enjoy your house makeover.

hi juli,
brilliant hearing from you.
i will visit.

thanks you three lovely friends for coming by, good to see your comments.