Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hospital Negligegnce And Incompetence.

Emmy Bridgewater,The Kill,1942.

What started as a relaxed day yesterday became quite tense and worrying, but once the Beenhakker engineer had fixed the shower chair, those tensions vanished.

Feel very lucky that Arjan was on call last night, and thought he could make the difference; he made an amazing quick fix, which allows Richie to fully use the shower chair.

So today, I finally can be showered by Richie, which will be an incredibly lovely experience, looking forward to it.

Because of being distracted yesterday, I hadn’t written a post, thought 23.00 not the time to start to write, instead I wrote yesterdays post today.

There was even more stress worrying about my good friends Angela’s mother Myra, who got rushed to hospital, when she fell; broke her good right arm and dislocated and broke her shoulder last week Wednesday.

She had an operation right away, two more are due, because the staff took too long getting the commode last Saturday, Myra wet the bed, a nurse shouted at her and roughly put diapers on her.

Myra was bright over last weekend, starting to get worse on Monday, poor Angela frantically, trying to find the cause of her mother’s deterioration and getting no help from the doctors and nurses.

There was excellent news from Angela last night, that there had been positive developments thanks to an auxiliary nurse, who could not believe the change in Myra since being admitted the previous Wednesday.

She had been off duty until Thursday; she insisted that tests were done, turns out the cause of Myra’s deterioration was a serious UTI, something that could have killed an 80 year old like Myra.

Once Myra could communicate again she told Angela that after the nurse shouted at her she limited her intake of liquids so she did not need to pee too much, this caused the UTI.

I called the hospital yesterday, to check how Myra was doing, I wanted them to realise that there were people who are concerned about her, and I heard she was on an antibiotic drip.

Strange the hospital did not it  give Myra a catheter and drip for fluids right away, as it must have been clear she would not be mobile,  nor did they monitor her fluid intake.

I think the hospital have been negligent, Angela will put in a formal compliant, she could have lost her mother due to the incompetence in dealing with a handicapped woman with broken bones.


Juli Junebug said...

Hi Herrad!
Nice to know that incompetent hospital personnel is not just a US thing. I've almost been bumped off a couple of times...ha! Hooray for the shower chair...must be great. Hope your friend's mom is doing better.

I am blogging again. Will send you the link if you are interested...
bye my lovely,

Herrad said...

hi juli,
thanks for your visit, lovely to see your comment.
incompetence seems to be everywhere, recently been hearing many people ringing in to radio stations, to talk about their 'horror' stories of their elderly relatives often going to hospital for routine things and dying quickly after sudden dramatic deterioration.
makes me wonder whether inatentiveness to liquid intakes cause alot of uti's whicch are killinng people.
i meant to visit you weeks ago sorry i got distracted, willlllll visit now.

Herrad said...

hi juli,
please send me your link so i can visit.

KParthasarathi said...

Scary that hospital could be so negligent or inept.Lucky the auxiliary nurse was there to set matters right
Relieved that shower chair is now working.

Herrad said...

hi kp,
it is very scary this occurred, my friend could have lost her mother.
myra is much better now.o
whih i wonerful.o
thank for yourvisit.o
ps they fitted new emergency switch today, so shower chair 100 percent fixed now.