Thursday, July 09, 2009

Again it was nearly 2 am before Richie turned the light off and we went to sleep.

Woke up at 9 am and started my arm exercises at 9.30 am when Richie got up and after he had a coffee he did the leg exercises and the leg massage and then brought me THC and baclofen.

Had just finished my first 1/2 litre of water when the bell rang it was Anne a friend of ours dropping by to leave her spare key with us, a friend Darren is over from England and hopes to start work on Monday.

Had a good response from friends who I emailed to see if anyone was on holiday and he could stay in their apartment.

Had two offers, and one tel. nr from someone who wants to rent their place and another offer of a landlord's tel. number.

So seems he has somewhere for the first three weeks and he takes if from there.

Anne had only just gone by about 5 minutes when the bell rang and it turned out to be Ton, the wonderfully supportive nurse from the Rehabilitation Centre Amsterdam to inspect the sore.

He thinks it should not be too long now before it is totally closed over, he seemed quite happy with how it looked.

Again was getting very worked up about him coming around, I thought at 11.30 only for him to arrive at 11.15 instead.

Which was good as I was just starting to get stressed about another 15 minutes and then there he was.

Ton being early was actually a big relief also for Richie as he too was getting tense at the thought of Ton's visit.

As usual having Ton here was no problem and again it was a relief to hear his opinion about how things were going.

It is good for Richie to get his feedback and of course his support which has been invaluable for Richie all through this long process of looking after and keeping the sore clean and well bandaged.

Richie has had a hell of a strain on him now for nearly one year, it has been a huge task for him and at the beginning it must have been truly horrible for him.

He has been truly wonderful all through this long recovery and if fact I think that he has helped the wound recover so well because of his dedication.

Certainly could not have done this without him and his love and care.


Joan said...

Hi glad you are sounding more upbeat in you last few entries. Sorry I have not visited the lat few days have been bad and wasting my time playing games and have been out a bit too. Glad the weather seems to be cooling down a bit we too have had the very heavy rain and thunder storms it was so bad here on Monday roads were blocked. Hope it stays cool for you but sunny. thought the pictures of the Heron were great and the Chocolate shop very tempting as I know what your chocolate is like yum yum.Love Joan

Stephany said...

I'm really happy to read that the sore is almost healed, I hope it just gets on with it and finishes!

I'm positive all of your readers would agree with how you write Richie has taken such magnificent care of you, really as a long distance friend and reader it's always a relief to read how he helps you through the pain, the exercises and then cooks you those wonderful meals, even baking dog biscuits!

I hope for you both, that you will once again be outside this summer, on a nice outing where some one, a friend or more could go with and have a nice gathering, eating something and being together, which would give you both a small reprieve away from home even just for an hour!

The weather here has remained cooler and cloudy, no rain, but it's a nice reprieve from that 90 degrees we were having.

Have a pleasant evening, Herrad and Richie.

lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! I'm glad things are improving with your sore! I'm sure it's been really tough for Richie, as well as you, and I'm so happy you have each other! I'm sitting in the sunshine...finally! Felt like the rain would never let it should be summer again at least for a few days. My muscle is a little better, but now another one is sore, my bicep...that's what happens, you try to be careful not to hurt the injured one further, only to overcompensate with another one...can't wait for my appointment on the 20th! Not too much going on around here, except the weather has brought out all of the "armchair do-it-yourselfers"...saws, hammers, drills....kind of ruins the quiet of the summer day! Oh well, I'm not going to complain too much! Hope you have a pleasant evening!

Lucy said...

Herrad, I am so sorry I have not been around. Been a bit down and did not want to spread it to you. It takes most who have MS a lot of effort to keep their spirits up. I do love your pictures. It actually cheered me up. Take care of you Herrad and I will be back on a more regular basis, hopefully with a clear head. My son that had MS was born July 18 , 1950 and died Dec. 21, 1992. I need to be locked in a room without any way to communicate with anyone during July and December. I get pretty screwed up during these months. We are just starting to get tomatos.

awb said...

Great news about the healing, hope it continues.


Celeste Maia said...

First of all I truly enjoyed the video you emailed me, thank you so much, it was a nice way of starting my day.
Secondly I agree with everything that Stephany wrote. I hope that the sore heals finally. And I am so happy you have wonderful Richie who is so dedicated to you. And I also hope you and Richie are able to go on a nice outing with nice friends helping and making sure you have a lovely experience. Hugs from Portugal.

Herrad said...

dogs 030509 6

Hi Joan,
I am feeling much better since it is not so hot and airless.
Just had some chocolate just now, it was delicious.

Hi Stephany,
We are both hoping it finishes healing soon, it is a year on the 21 August.
It has felt like forever, Richie has made it very bearable because he has looked after me so well.
Hope you have a good evening too.

Hi Rain,
Know what you men about your biceps as being in bed was good for the pressure sore but bad for my back muscles.
Will have to work hard to regain muscle in my back.

Hi Lucy,
Thanks so much for coming by, want to send you big hugs and lots of love.
Take it very easy and be extra gentle with yourself.

Hi Andy,
We hope that it speeds up and heals totally soon so I can get outside soon with Richie and the dogs.

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.

Herrad said...

Hi Celeste Maia,
Thanks for your sweet comment, we are hoping it is healed soon.
Really keen to go

A picnic would be a brilliant idea must talk to Richie and Willes (our dynamic neighbour)
think we shoould organise one and as soon as I can do it we should have the picnic.


Ana said...

Hi Herrad!
Just checking if my friends are fine. As always I'm amazed by your photos.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
How nice to hear from hope you had a great day today
And will have another good day tomorrow.

Cranky said...

Herrad - I'd say that Richie is definitely a "keeper!" A great love story.

Webster said...

I really admire your ability, though you admit it's very difficult, to maintain a positive attitude through all these months. Here we are in July, and Ton says it's "almost closed." I think I would have screamed, "WTF do you mean ALMOST???" I want it to be all the way closed RIGHT NOW!!!

And get me the GD Chair so that this NEVER happens again! And be quick about it!"

But that's me. Sometimes I just have to let it all out. I know it doesn't do any good for anybody within earshot - but I know I'd feel better having a fuck-fest screaming contest with you and Richie - neighbors be damned.

Sending positive "wound-closing" energy your (and Richie's) way.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Herrad:)


I'm glad to note that your sore is healing well and you are getting wonderful support and help from Richie. May God bless Richie abundantly.

It was interesting to see the first photo. People are patiently waiting for the barrier to be lifted to cross. If it was here in Kochi, people would go under the barrier and not wait patiently. Even the cyclists would take the cycles under the barrier. Here somehow people have no patience, no discipline. As you know India is the biggest democracy in the world and we love democracy because it gives us the freedom to be indisciplined and do whatever we want. I like the orderly manner in which people in your place move around.

Have a nice day Herrad:)

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
It certainly is though when I had just met him I did not want him to speak to me in the street because he had a strange haircut and I did not want my neighbours seeing us together!

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your comment maybe we can synchronise our screaming ?
I have a regular scream everyday when I am in the bathroom which seems to help.
Certainly relieves tension.

Hi Josephine,
Lovely to see your comment.
Richie is truly a wonderful partner he looks after me so very well and with such love.

Despite the weather, its grey and has been raining I think that today will be a good day.
Hope you all have a good day today.

Vicki said...

Glad to hear the sore is better. Also, I do so like to read about you and Richie. Together you are an inspiration.

Herrad said...

Hi Vicki,

Thanks for coming by and leaving a commet which is much appreciated.

Hope you have a good day today.