Friday, July 03, 2009

This heat is really killing me today have had a fan right next to me all day and still was dissolved in a puddle of sweat.

Really have felt very ill today and couldn't hardly lift my head from the pillow this morning.

All my MS symptoms were exagerated through this extreme heat.

Then it got even hotter this afternoon and it seemed like all activity had ceased and that I would not be doing much for the duration of this heatwave.

The thought of being so incapacitated for the rest of the summer is real depressing.

Around 7 this evening was bursting into flame and felt like tearing my skin off that was how bad I felt.

Luckily once Richie put some more cool packs around me I started to feel abit of relief and then luckily a breeze started up and finally I cooled down and could eat dinner.

Really happy that it finally got cooler tonight and I could relax mind you it was midnight when that happened.

Hope we all have a better day tomorrow.


Stephany said...

It's 90 degrees here and I hope you get some relief, I'm sorry it's so bad for you Herrad.

Does Richie place any pillow covers or things in the freezer? it helps, he can drape the fabric over you at least temporary, I don't know talking from the top of my head as usual.


awb said...

Herrad, great to hear Ritchie was able to cool you off, and you were able to get some relief. Hope it's cooler for you soon.


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

I am going to keep the curtains closed today to stop the room turning into some sort of pressure cooker like yesterday.

Richie has a plastic cushion you fill with water and freeze and that is great on my feet, it cools me down.

Thanks for your tips will try them out.

Hi Andy,

How was your cruise hope it was great fun.

Curious how your veggies are doing will go and visit your blog now.

Hope you both have a good day.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I know exactly what you mean. Last week was extremely hot and humid and I was having every symptom exasterbated. I was wishing Summer would just go away. No matter how many fans on me it was still bad. It got so bad my skin even hurt having anything touch it. This week though it has been a lot cooler and enjoyable. But I know what you mean about dreading the rest of the Summer's extreme heat. I hope today is better for you!!

Cranky said...

Herrad - terrible heat, terrible for you. Skip is very much affected by the heat as well. We've had the opposite problem here in New England that you're having. It's well below normal temp-wise and it has rained for about a month straight (exaggeration, but not by much).

Glad you can cool with the packs Richie gives you.

Erin said...

I'm so sorry it's so hot and making things worse. I didn't realize until this summer just how bad the heat makes us with MS feel. Summer used to be my favorite season, now I'm not so sure!!

Take care, and hope you feel better real soon. HUGS to you Herrad.

Joan said...

Weather man here says it well cool over the weekend hope that means Holland too. Raining here this evening can hear the garden breathing a sigh of relief. Hope you are feeling better today it must be shard foe you. It is very difficult even to sleep in this weather. take care. LOve Joan

Bobrobert said...

Oh my sweet darlin'. I feel so bad for you during your horrible heatwave. We have been 100-104 for several weeks now. The few times that I have had to go outside, I have felt the exaggeration of symptoms also, like my skin was being deep fried like a thanksgiving turkey! :-)

Fortunately for steve and me, we have air conditioning. I feel like a vampire in his dark, cool crypt all day long.

Herrad said...

Hi Tara,

My skin has been very sensitive too.
Today was boiling hot from 1 pm through to 8 pm.
Hope you had a bearavle day.

Hi Cranky,
What horrible weather ytou are having hope it gets better soon.
Richie is brilliant devising ways around problems and ways to improve my comfort.

Hi Erin,
Summer was always ny favourite too, was never hot enough for me and now it is and its killing me.

Hi Joan,
That would be great news indeed if it were cooler even if only a touch say around 24 degrees would be nice.
Hope your garden looks great tomorrow.

Hi Bobrobert,

Thanks sweetheart for your sweet words you are right about it feeling like being a turkey getting well and truly fried alive.
Its my favourite feelimg, that and wanting to take my skin off.
Oh summertime heat shame that it is so horrible for us now..
Very sad but hey no point in crying over split milk just have to find ways of coping and we will.
Stay cool as you can, brilliant you have airco.

Dear friends thank you for coming by it is lovely to get your comments.
Have a good day tomorrow.