Monday, July 20, 2009

Several awakenings.

Had several awakenings today, the first was at 7 am when I was suddenly awake and the sudden was shockingly sudden too.

Luckily at that same moment Richie arose to go to the wc and saw that I was in considerable discomfort so he fetched a bag of thc from the vaporirizer.

This got me back off to sleep with no problem pretty quickly after inhaling the thc vapour.

Had some wonderful dreams, some so elaborate that I am disappointed that I do not remember them too well, just tiny shreds of them all.

Not enough to put together and find the whole dream story, just tiny fragments like a wispy cloud.

Was woken up sometime later, seemed a few hours later to the sound of our neighbour Willes’s voice greeting someone passing by.

Both their wonderful Amsterdam accented voices carried very well, by the end of their conversation I think he had cycled to the top of the road; well that is what it sounded like.

It is quite funny how much we hear Wille’s voice these days, luckily we both like to hear her voice.

Hope she will have a lot of good times in her new flat, must be good for her, better than upstairs where there were too many memories of her dead husband Henk who died there in November 2007.

Still now I find it a very strange idea indeed that Henk is dead.

Really sad as we were just getting to know Henk, he was also in a wheelchair because of over use of steroids.

Great sense of humour, if a somewhat whacky sense of humour, like the time we took the dogs up so Henk could see them, they had a Cockatoo at the time.

Well Spike did not notice the bird but Marleen did, she went very quiet and then she stood up and stretched herself quite a fair way up the side of Chico’s cage, the bird saw kill written all over her face and started screeching.

At this point Spike also discovered the huge cage and the distraught Chico, the very scared Cockatoo.

The noise levels went up as Spike and Chico screamed in unison and Marleen just wanted to kill.

Richie tried to get the dogs to leave the room and but neither dog would comply in the end he had to pick them both up and carry them protesting to our apartment on the second floor.

I was very upset by this and worried what Willes and Henk would think of the dog’s carry on, at that moment I finally identified the other noise as Henk’s laughter,

He thought it was priceless and he could not wait to see our dogs again especially Marleen who he thought was quite a girl.

I0 was quite shaken by the transformation of our sweet little doggie, whom I had never seen li0ke this, this is what I have been missing out on by not being able to go to the park or the Amsterdam woods with Richie and the dogs.

Then I would have seen her hunting and it would have been no shock to see her stalking her prey.

As it was, it was a shock to see my sweet fluffy dog suddenly transformed into a little fluffy killer.

Have been noticing recently how I no longer decide to write about something and then do so.

These days tend to just start writing and it all just happens like now I have just started and I will see where I get to.

I always start off in blogger and the feels restricted by the blogger new posts format and have to copy and paste into a word document.

Which is a better place to write and when I am finished I can spell check and copy and paste into blogger.

Then the exciting bit which photos to post with the words, mostly I post photos Richie has taken of his walks with the dogs or his other trips around town.

Often I will post photos friends send me like Jaya in Edmonton, Canada or Gareth from Wales.

Both like me posting their photos so that’s good.

Well my day today has been good so far, the weather is nice and warm but not hot and there is a constant breeze.

Mathilde, my fysio was here for our 30 minute exercise session after which I can relax and get on with the day.

First I shall post this and then I will visit some of the many blogs I follow.

Have a good day .


Diane J Standiford said...

Those are great photos, inviting. I like seeing used boats. Yeah, that's how writing happens sometimes and those times can bring wonderful stories. Have a great day!!

Herrad said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks for your visit and comment.
Plenty of old boots moored round here.

The police boat in the photo was collecting all boats without mooring permits.

They get sold at an auction and hopefuylly restored to their former glory.

Have a good day too.


Lille Diane said...

Hello, Herrad!

I've been fragmented trying to get around to visit everyone. I had a little bout of illness I'm still working to get over. I love reading this post about your dogs, your dreams and your neighbors.

Thank you for being so faithful to visit me, Herrad. Seeing you have stopped in to see me always makes my day a whole lot better.

I would love to walk along the waterway there. It seems like the people who live there in Amsterdam are always ahead of the rest of the world, as far as thinking, trends, and tolerance for others. Am I right about this?

Thank you for a great post, as always. ;-)

Herrad said...

Hi Lille Diane,

How lovely to get a visit from you.
Hope you are feeling 100 % soon.
Your visits always cheer me up no end too.
Take it very easy and be very gentle with yourself.//

Libby said...

herrad, willes sounds like a treasure! can you send her love & hugs from me long distance, along with the ones i always send you & richie? and i loved the story about marleen!! so good!

Joan said...

So glad your weather is suiting you better now after all the heat you had. We were out today for a run in the countryside and we meat a couple from Holland that needed directions we had a lovely chat with them they were really nice people. Some days I too have no idea what to write about but like you I just go with the flow. Take care Love Joan.

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
Willes is a darling and a brilliant neighbour, I shall pass on your love and hugs to her.
Hugs back to you.

Hi Joan,
Lovely to hear from you.

The countryside around you must be very pretty.

Thanks again for the link to the osprey webcam.

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.

Hope you both had a good day today.
Tomorrow is a new day hope you enjoy it.

robert said...

Good morning Herrad,
seeing those pictures made me look two, three times, as I first thought it was Hamburg. Reminds me also about a saying, that called for mankind to be taught to learn the desire of life, rather than knowing a ship is build.
You surely taught me alot! And I hope that it'll stay so for a long time to come.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,

Good morning thanks for coming by always good to see your comment.

Glad we met, enjoy communicating round the world.

The blog sphere gives us the chance to meet and to learn from each other.

Hope you sleep well and have a good day tomorrow.

Celeste Maia said...

I also enjoyed the photos of Amsterdam, I would love to visit one of these times, such a beautiful city.Different from any other city I know. Except Venice, but it is not the same thing either.
It sounds nice to wake up to Wille's voice, it must be kind of reassuring, the world is still the same.
Today there was no win in this very windy coast where I am, so I went with the dog for a lovely walk on the wild beach. It was totally empty, what a feeling!

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Hi Herrad!
I just wanted to say that the pictures are beautiful! I love those sweet dreams like you had and it stinks that we can never remember them later. It's been a while since I stopped by but just letting you know that I have been thinking about you.