Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not nice weather at all today, it has been raining and there is a lid of grey thick cloud over the city.

Hope the weather improves soon, really would be good if it were warm again.

Especially for the Gay Pride Boat Parade which takes place on the first weekend in August, we used to live near the beginning of the event.

It was brilliant going to the end of my road to watch the boys and girls on their decorated boats putting on a show for the thousands who gather to watch and enjoy each year.

Hope that the weather will have improved by the end of July in time for this summer festival.

Today it is not warm, the windows are closed for the first time in months and Richie put the heating on briefly, probably for 10 minutes and when it felt pleasantly warm, he turned the heating off again.

Will ask Richie to turn on the lamp by his bed so it feels abit like day as it is quite gloomy and maybe switch on the red lighting strip too that runs above one of the windows and over a mirror that way it ill look and feel jollier here.

Still its good that it rained as I am sure the vegatables needed it as it has been quite dry here since April.

Quite a record dry and warm summer so far,mind you it did rain in England on July 15 which is St. Swithin’s Day.

The legend has it that if it rains on the 15 July it will rain for 40 days, luckily we do not believe the old story, still interesting to see what happens with the weather in the next month and abit.

Whatever the weather we will be doing our best to enjoy it, must not forget to get the clothes organised so they are here for when I can go outside getting quite excited now, pretty determined to go out whatever it takes.

Would be brilliant if I could go out in the sporty wheelchair I used to use with the Speedy electric handbike but sadly because of lack of balance in my torso will need a different chair.

The electric wheelchair will need quite abit of adaptions done for me to sit safely in it.

I should be hearing when the team will come round to evaluate my posture next week, that is what Ton promised on Thursday.

He said he would phone and tell me what date the appointment will be as well as the date he and doctor Stolwijk will be around for another pressure wound examination.

On the one hand not an appointment that I look forward to as there will be 5 big Dutch people in this room heaving me out of bed and into the chair.

Oh well will just have to let it all happen and let it all flow over me with the knowledge that it is necessary in order to get the wheelchair adequately adapted.

An exciting week ahead next week


Rain said...

Hi Herrad! Oh gosh it did rain here on St-Swithin's day too...and it has continued. No risk of draught in the mountains! How neat that the gay pride parade is on the boats! Must be a lot of fun. Exciting week ahead for you, I can't wait to read about it!!! My schedule has really calmed down now, so I'll be around more!!

Joan said...

Loved th pictured of the parade it looks great fun. Hope you get your adaptation of you chair done soonest ready for an outing in the sunshine. Been raining everyday on and off all week brightering up now. Weather looks good at the British Open Golf from Turnberry Scotland. Take care Love Joan

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

It did not rain on wednesday but did rain yesterday and today.

The sun keeps trying to come through now.
The Gay Pride is great fun and attracts huge crowds.

Hi Joan,

The weather is getting brighter one moment and darker the next.

Will just have to wait and see what happens.

Hope you both have a good weekend.

Libby said...

herrad, your country looks like so much fun...the people there just seem to love life & appreciate it, you know? looking at your pictures makes me realize why one of my childhood friends brothers chose to move there after he grew up...he had been in the service, so he had seen life a lot of places, but chose amsterdam to settle in!

Denver Refashionista said...

I love today's photos. I would like to see the event in person.

It has been hot and dry here too but I think we might get rain today too and it feels much cooler than yesterday.

Celeste Maia said...

What great photos of the Gay Parade, on the boats! Only in Amsterdam. Hope the adaptation of the wheel chair is done as soon as possible so you can enjoy some sunshine, and the weather improves.

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
Thanks for your comment nice to see it.
Think I understand why your friend's brother moved here, it is a very lovely city.

Hi Nadja,
It is quite a day and there are shows and parties all over town, specially for that weekend.
We had quite alot of rain today and it was overcast and dark today but around 5 pm the sun broke through and it was blue skies and quite hot.

Hi Celeste Maia,
The Gay Parade is a fantastic weekend, remeber going to one when we lived on Haarlemmer Dijk that was very moving as there were some couples around us who did not have such tolerance when they were young.

I am very much looking forward to getting out and seeing the neighbourhood again.
Want to go down the market and eat an ice cream outside and hopefully there will be a picnic.
There is a street party in September that I am looking forward to very much.
Have a good weekend.

Webster said...

WooHoo!! The actual day is in sight! I hope the fitting goes well, and the chair arrives quickly.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,

Tomorrow I should get a call from Ton telling me the date of the appointment.
Hope it goes well and it gets done quickly, usually there is a two month delay but everyone is aware that I have been waiting for nearly a year so think thi9ngs will ube speeded up.
Have a good day.